Michael Jordan says Superteams are hurting competition in the NBA – Shannon reacts

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Shannon Sharpe responds to Michael Jordan's statement about the current trends in the NBA.

- Is MJ right?

- He is. Trash is a little harsh, though, Skip.

- Garbage?

- He should have said recyclables. You know what I'm saying?

He's absolutely right, and what has transpired, Skip, is that when Michael played guys couldn't move like this. And guys are willing to move now-- he's like, well, why would a guy leave $30 million or $40, $50, million on the table? Because guys are getting $20 and $30 million shoe contracts to help offset some of the money that they might be leaving on the table by going to a better situation.

You got Klay Thompson. Now he just signed what, an $80 million sneaker deal, basically $10 million a year for the next eight years. So he's looking at it like this-- now, I could go somewhere and I can make $35, I can make $30, $35 million a year, or I can stay in Golden State, win probably two, three, four over the next eight years, and make $28 million.

$35, I'm not going win. $28, I'm going to win, and guess what, still everybody is still going to know who I am. Because look at Russell. Look at the market that he's playing in. Do we not know who Russell is? Can Russell not go [INAUDIBLE]? He has a global brand. And that's what we're seeing. These guys-- and I don't like it. I don't like it. I don't like it.

This is what I like. The NFL, we have no idea who's going to the Super Bowl-- none, zero. We thought the Patriots. We talked about it. They won the Super Bowl. They geared up in the off season. Seemed like they got stronger on offense and defense. We are five weeks, we still don't know. We feel very comfortable to say it-- Golden State is going to be playing someone from the Eastern Conference, and is probably going to be Cleveland or Boston.

That's where we are. Skip, we haven't even played a game. We're five games into the NFL season, and we still don't know. They haven't wrapped up the preseason in basketball, and we have a fairly good idea. So the fans in all these cities that are not Golden State, that are not Cleveland, that are not Boston, they're excited.

But what about-- like he's talking about, he knows Charlotte are never going to compete. Brooklyn, these teams are not going to compete, because the big superstars are not going to go there unless there are other superstars. How do you attract them?