Shannon Sharpe: ‘The Eagles are better than I thought’

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Shannon Sharpe reflects on the Philadelphia Eagles win over the Carolina Panthers.

- What was your takeaway from the game last night?

- I got a lot of takeaways, Joy. One is, Skip, your team's in trouble.

- I just said that.

- No!

- I just said that.

- I wanted to say that.

- I already rubbed it on myself. You can't rub it in anymore.

- I know that's what you're trying to do.

- It's over.

- No. Oh, no.

- It's over.

- It's not going to be over.

- Joy, it's over.


JOY: I don't know. We've got a lot to talk about.

- Yeah.

- I cannot believe that the Eagles are-- I thought they were good, the Eagles are better than I thought. Let's start with the defensive side of the football, getting Fletcher Cox back. Now Skip, I don't know if Fletcher Cox-- Aaron Donald and Fletcher Cox both play DT. He's not in the same seat as Aaron Donald. But he might be in the seat right behind him on that same bus, he's special. Now you saw him walk Trai Turner, who is a very good guard, he walked him back, sat him in Cam Newton's lap, deflected a pass which was intercepted. So defensively, they're going to be to reckon with. Their front seven is for real.

The back end, they're plenty good enough. Are there elite? Do they have Denver's secondary? No. Do they have Seattle's secondary? No. But their front seven is plenty good to do what they need to get done, And so their back end doesn't have to be outstanding.

Second of all, that old real young quarterback, that number 11, they one they traded up for, Joy, they gave a king's ransom for it. Shad said he gave like 50 buckets of schillings. Oh, that's not much. Well, how about this, like 10 bricks--

- How about gold?

- --10 bricks of gold.

- Yeah.

- They one they traded up, and the Head Coach says, he got a little bit of Peyton Manning--

- Oh, he's got it all.

- --a little Brett Favre, a little Jim Kelly, it was all on display last night. You saw him last night, Skip?

- I did. What time is that parade today?

- Hold up, Skip.

- Is the parade today in Philadelphia, or maybe it's tomorrow.

- It's right now.

- No.