Skip Bayless thinks Isaiah Thomas is alienating the fans in Cleveland with trade comments

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Skip Bayless talks about the difference between Kyrie Irving's reaction to the trade and Isaiah Thomas' reaction.

- What's going on with Isaiah and Kyrie?

- He's yours now, you realize that?

- Oh, you proud? You proud of it, huh?

- IT. Yeah, you've got another problem brewing. So this is a classic tale of two cities. This is the classic PR handbook on how to and how not to win over your new fan base. You have Kyrie Irving saying all the right things about Boston and its tradition and its sports fans. And you have Isaiah Thomas saying the absolute worst thing you could say to the fans in Cleveland.

Isaiah, you've just got to let it go. Give it up. Make peace with it. Nothing you can say right now will change what has happened. You can say you'll never talk to Danny Ainge again and it won't change a thing. All you're doing is alienating your new fans in Cleveland, and you're probably starting to enjoy your new teammates too.


- Yeah. So Isaiah continues that. This isn't the first time. But he keeps saying, this trade makes no sense. It makes perfect sense to me because Isaiah Thomas, when you boil down, he's a 5 foot 9 inch ball hogging, quote unquote, "shoot first point guard" who can be a defensive liability, who had the greenest light in the league in Boston.

He was the whole show. He was the man. He was the only star in Boston. And I get it that he's shell shocked because he's going from I've got it all playing for a great fandom, historically great fandom in Boston to I got to try to figure out how to be second fiddle to LeBron James. And I don't think he's loving that.

But Danny Ainge just stole Kyrie Irving. What's not to see about that? What doesn't make sense about that? Kyrie Irving is an established superstar with the ring, with the best handle in basketball.


- No, he's a superstar.

SHANNON SHARPE: No, he's not.

- He's super.

SHANNON SHARPE: No, he's not.

- He closed for LeBron James. That's all you need to know. That's how you get the super in front of your name.


- When you make the shot to win the series against the Golden State Warriors in the greatest comeback ever in the Finals, when you make that shot, you're a superstar.