Skip Bayless: Yankees starting to feel like a team of destiny

Skip Bayless explains why he thinks the Yankees might be on a run to remember.

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- Skip, said Yankees in five.

- I did.

- And you said Yankees 5-2 last night.

- I said 5 to 2, who knew? I don't know. Sometimes you get lucky.


SHANNON SHARPE: You already messed up my pick.

- I messed up your in four pick, right?

What What impressed you the most about the Yankees?

- That they won in spite of Aaron Judge setting the all-time record for strikeouts in a series in five games that also includes all all-time seven game series.


- He went 1 for 20 in this series, and it didn't matter. So there's something about this Yankee team that's starting to feel, you know, meant to be, where you just get on that playoff roll, in spite of Joe Girardi's gaffe--


- --indecision. And I just loved their spirit. I loved CC, at least, for four and about half inning, right?

SHANNON SHARPE: Almost gave you five.

- Yeah, but that they didn't hit a ball hard off CC in that inning that he got in trouble in. And then I love David Robertson. And I don't love Aroldis because he drives me a little crazy, but it was good enough.

And then the truth of the series was that Cleveland just stunk. They just came up short after they won a record 22-straight games, AL record, obviously, in August, going into September.

SHANNON SHARPE: Well, for me, it was the resolve that they showed after losing game two in the fashion in which they did. They could have folded shop. But I think, to them, they look at it, now, hold on. OK, they went with Bauer because he was good at home. And then we got to Kluber, we beat their best guy. All we got to do--

SKIP BAYLESS: You're already a we? Oh, yeah, you're a Yankee fan. Like Lebron's a Yankee fan.

- You're a hater. The Yankees aren't supposed to be here, Skip. They were supposed to be a year away. There's supposed to be rebuilding because they gave up Andrew Miller. They gave up Aroldis Chapman, so they got a lot of picks. They were able to resign Chapman in free agency. Aaron Judge-- they didn't see this.

Now, the best player-- the most consistent player all year has been that shortstop, Gregorius, And he's been unbelievable in the regular season, and he's been unbelievable in the playoffs. I wouldn't bet against him. I know in Houston, they represent. I mean, Altuve is a hit machine. You've got to throw, like, 15 pitches before you either strike him out, or he pops up, or he's going to get a hit. But you're not just getting a 1, 2, 3, on him.

So they got their work cut out for them with Houston. But it's the Astros. Do we really expect to see them in the World Series? It's going to be the Yankees.


- The Yankees win!


JOY TAYLOR: It all gets started tomorrow night.

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