Shannon Sharpe weighs in on JR Smith’s frustration in Cleveland

Shannon Sharpe thinks JR Smith's unhappiness is yet another sign of a disappointing season for Cleveland.

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- Shay Shay, how concerned are you about the Cavs?

- In the words of Florida Evans, damn, damn, damn, James. I knew it was going to happen.

- That was good. You got that right.

- I knew it was going to happen.

- Yeah.

- Dang.

SKIP BAYLESS: No more good times in Cleveland?

- No, we ain't moving on up. Ah, Skip, I thought this-- you know, I thought JR would be accepting of his role, but I understand why he isn't. Skip, he has been a very valuable contributor over the last three years.

SKIP BAYLESS: Yeah. He said I've helped get to three finals, I've won, we won one. And I've been a very, very valuable contributor. I play defense. I can shoot the three. I'm going to make clutch shots. And he's like, hold on, this guy, this guy comes in, and I know y'all good friends, LeBron, y'all about to be best friends. But this is not him from five years ago. I'm a-- I'm a better player right now than what Dwayne Wade is.

Tristan Thompson has reported that he is also frustrated and upset. We got enough problems, man. Money normally bring on problem. This ain't about money because they going to make the same amount of money whether they're starting or coming off the bench. Now we got to deal with Isaiah talking crazy.

SKIP BAYLESS: We're going to talk about that in a couple minutes.

- We got LeBron, we got we got Tristan and JR upset their role.


- LeBron's ankle, I told you we about to have lingering effects of that ankle injury.

SKIP BAYLESS: Dissension, love it.

- Why would you-- hold on, why do you-- what is--

SKIP BAYLESS: Mm, smell it.

- Why would you-- why would you say that? Why do you want dissension?

- Why do I want dissension in the Cleveland Cavaliers locker room?

- Yes, you a Spurs fan. They're in the west. So why-- you know what, Skip--

- I like to see you squirm.

- Is there any length that you won't go to see something bad happen to LeBron.

- Well, how about you with the Cowboys?

- All I just told you was they weren't making the playoffs.

- Yeah.

- Ain't no choice here. Skip, I don't-- I hate to see you suffer.

- I don't-- I don't-- you think I like to see-- the man, the very reason I'm sitting here is because of this man. You think I would want anything bad to happen to him?


- I would.

- Yes, you would.

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