Shannon Sharpe: Jerry Jones made a mistake by requiring players to stand for the anthem

Shannon Sharpe talks about the mixed messages being sent to the Cowboys and the NFL from Jerry Jones.

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- Shannon, how will this play out in Dallas?

- I don't believe it's going to go well for the Cowboys, Skip. For the simple fact is, Jerry became a part of a story that he didn't need to become a part of. Skip, they don't even play this weekend. Why is he talking about something that's not going to happen for at least--

SKIP BAYLESS: By the way, quick other point of order, not one Cowboy, last year or this year, has kneeled.


- Not one.

- He just made it--

- OK.

- So basically, someone had not done something, and he said, well you better not do it.

SKIP BAYLESS: You better not, or you're not going to play.

- So and what the players in Dallas are starting to see, that two weeks ago was a sham. I want to read a quote, Josina Anderson, a reporter, said that, players to meet Jerry Jones' mandate to stand. I've never heard this tone from Jerry, ever. It goes against everything he told us in Arizona.


- Another player said, Jerry told us to trust him on the sixth. Now I don't know what to believe. The whole kneel before the anthem was trash.

SKIP BAYLESS: Who said that?

- Josina Ander-- One of the Cowboys.

- That's an anonymous to Josina. Got it. Trash OK, I got it.

- Who said that the day after it happened, Skip?

- Maybe you.

- Oh, I know, y'all know you can't fool me, Skip. And I think they're starting to see that Jerry, the most important issue to Jerry is money. The Cowboys, they're kind of intertwined, Skip. You know, that star on the helmet, it makes them a lot of money. He's proudly own-- to own that football team. And the NFL, the issues of the players, they're of non-importance to him. Because Jerry can't monetize that. He can't make money off those issues. See, this is what I'm starting to understand, and I've learned this throughout my 49 years, Skip. Givers must put limits on what they give, because takers will never put limits on what they take. If you give this up, where does this stop. Because the takers will ask for more, and more, and more.

And the players are like, nah, we're going to dig in. Jerry didn't need to become-- He could have done like all the other owners. Jed York, hey, I'm a support my players, but it's behind the scenes. He's not in front of the camera. See, what we're starting to see is that these 32 owners, they all feel that they're equal. But Jerry says, nah, I want to be at the head of the pack. I mean--

SKIP BAYLESS: He does consider himself the lead owner.

SHANNON SHARPE: He really does. And all these men are powerful in their own right. Some of them are more wealthy than Jerry. But Jerry's like, you know, I need to take the lead on this. He says, what? I'm trying to take the heat off my players. You applying the heat to your players. How're you gonna take the heat off when you're the one that's in the kitchen cooking. You turned it up. Who we should be mad at, don't get upset at your players for possibly wanting to take a knee, or raise their fists in protest. You should be mad at the man that you endorse. The man that you gave a $1 million to for his inauguration. Because it was a little bit. It was just simmering right along.


- And then he comes and douse a big old can on it. And it blows up again.


- Yes!

- He did.

- So he's upset at the players that might protest. But the guy that really got this riled up and going again, and really started to galvanize the players.

- He did.

- Because there were some black players like, man, I'm not going to do it. I'm going to respect the flag, and the anthem, and do all this. But then when he interjected, the president did, and he said what he said, it's, hold on, wait a minute. Wait a minute. Is this, is this, are y'all going to say anything about that? Are y'all going to say-- Are y'all going to talk to him? Because what we're starting to see is that the president, you said this, he's putting pressure on the owners. And the owners are trying to put that pressure-- They said, nah, you deal with him. You're the one that brought him to power. You helped put him in office. Y'all handle him.

Because what we're starting to see, Skip, you know, I grew up in rural south Georgia. They're starting to bend in the wind like those tall Georgia pines in the storm. They're starting to acquiesce and to give in to President Trump's demands. But he won't stop there, now. He will ask for more and more. Remember, when you make that deal with him, you never know when he's coming back. Now he got an early start. You thought he was going to be at least two or three years deep before he required something from you. Nah. make them stand. Make them stand at attention for that anthem.

SKIP BAYLESS: Yeah, remember, he has a political agenda here. He is trying to win back some of his initial supporters.

- Yes, because he start--

- This is the fastest way to do it. It's about the flag. It's about Make America Great Again. Got it.

- Well, if you make America great again that means that America, at one point in time, wasn't great. So he should leave. He should go back to where he came from. That's what he tells blacks when we complain, try to make things better. But we're going to have a guy on Friday, Orlando Scandrick--

- Oh, you know what, I'm not sure he's going to be in on Friday.


- Not sure about that. But go ahead.

SHANNON SHARPE: Well hopefully he does. But he-- he was--

- He had a com--

- He made some statements--

- Yes.

- Without saying a word.

- He said, because they asked him, he was like, basically, no comment, no comment. And as the conversation turned to Breast Cancer Awareness Month, he pointed at some pink cleats and said, we are allowed to support this.

- A point you have made on the show several times.

- Now you notice, every day after practice normally, Zeke, Dak Prescott, they normally talk. Where were they yesterday, Skip? And the team spokesman, the guy that's been captain longer than anybody else for the Dallas Cowboys, Jason Witten, was unavailable. Dak said what he said at a promotional event.


- But he said, we got everything ironed out. What did you get ironed out? Because you don't even play on Sunday. So what have you actually ironed out?

SKIP BAYLESS: OK well, I'm pretty sure that Jerry Jones left them with this order,


Nobody will speak about what went on in this room.

- I love it.

- What was said here will stay here. We will no comment the media, which is why Orlando Scandrick, who's a captain, said seven straight no comments.


- But he did point to the pink cleats. And he did play a song by YG which is FDT. I won't go into the details, but--

SHANNON SHARPE: What you know about YG?

- It's an anti-- Can I just say, it's an anti Donald Trump song?

- Yeah.

- How about that?

- Pretty clearly, yeah.

- That puts it mildly, right? But he was playing it loudly, because he was trying to send a message.

SHANNON SHARPE: That's his jam.

- Yeah.

SHANNON SHARPE: That's his jam.

- Yeah, OK.

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