Should the Patriots be worried about Tom Brady’s durability?

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has been sacked a lot this year and at 40 years old, Shannon Sharpe says he needs to be careful.

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- They should be very concerned. And Skip, I played with banged up shoulders. Once partially separated both of my shoulders. Let me just take it from a perspective of having one shoulder injured, and it's the non-throwing shoulder of Tom Brady.

What you do when you're injured and it's an upper extremity, you try to do everything you can not to land on that body part. But in the process of doing that-- Tom Brady is a right-handed quarterback, so if he tries to land on the injured shoulder, he's gonna probably do more damage by landing on his throwing shoulder.


- So, what do you do? They're not able to protect him like they did last year. He's gotten sacked more in five games than he did in 12 games last year. He's been hit the fourth most in the NFL, as far as quarterbacks. Last year he was 26th.

So, you see-- and when you're 25, 30, you're fine. But accumulation-- you start getting 38, you start getting 40. Skip, 40 year old bodies was not made to withstand this type of punishment. This is why we don't see guys normally play well into the 40s, because the body just can't recover. You only have so many hits in it. Tom Brady has had his fair share.

And teams, they gonna start dialing up the pressure. For me, Skip, if I'm a defensive coordinator, I might be willing to give up a big play to put Tom Brady on the ground. I want Tom Brady to pick himself up as many times as he possibly can.

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