Skip Bayless reacts to LeBron James preseason debut

Skip Bayless explains what went well and what Cleveland Cavaliers forward Lebron James needs to work on after seeing his performance in his first preseason game of the season.

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- What was your takeaway from last night?

- I love LeBron James.

- Yeah, me too!

- I missed him. I missed him. We needed him so badly here on "Undisputed." Shannon.


- Your man was at it again last night.

- What did he do now?

- Drama King James was in midseason form. This is why LeBron James is by far the most entertaining player in all of sports, on and off the floor-- for the right reasons sometimes and for, in this case, the wrong reason.

I realize it was just a preseason game, but the Cavs played it unlike most preseason games because, obviously, LeBron has had a bum ankle-- so he says. I buy that.

- What you saying, so he says? You're not buying it.

- Well, I'm about to get into what I'm not buying from last night. So because he has not been able to play, the Cavs chose to play their second-to-last preseason game the way NFL teams play their second-to-last preseason game-- as a dress rehearsal. They put a lot of weight into what was going on last night because the starters played three quarters. And I did watch the whole thing from start to finish, so I'm not just speaking out of school here. I think I have a pretty good feel for what happened.

And LeBron had a rough night in those three quarters trying to play with his new group of starters and his buddy Dwyane. And in the first half alone, LeBron had seven turnovers. And just for some perspective, if this had been a game that counted, the all-time single season-- I'm sorry, single-game record for turnovers in a regular season game is Jason Kidd with 14. So LeBron would have been, in a real game, halfway to 14 just in the first half. He tacked on one for good measure in the third quarter. So he wound up with eight turnovers.

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