Skip praises Carmelo Anthony after preseason debut for Oklahoma City Thunder

How did Carmelo and Paul George look? Skip Bayless discusses that with Shannon Sharpe.

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- First of all, Joy, Mr. Sharp, I want to remind you I started covering the National Basketball Association back in the 1970s, and all through the '80s and the '90s. NBA preseason games were just that. They were afterthoughts. Nobody cared. Even if you were covering the team, you half watched it. And nobody attended, nobody cared.

I saw a stunning new develop last-- development last night in, of all places, Tulsa, Oklahoma. I saw four superstars take their first preseason game out of four as seriously as you would normally take a playoff game, because all four had something to prove. And it was on national TV because it was on NBA TV.

First of all, I saw a Carmelo Anthony go in to watch this New York mode right out of the box. And by the way, that game was being televised up against the Yankees game obviously on ESPN last night.

But here was Carmelo Anthony in Tulsa, Oklahoma saying, watch this. Let me show you New York Knicks fans how much I still have left in my tank. And he came down and made Oklahoma City's first shot a three. And Carmelo went on to play the entire first half of the first preseason game and score 19 points. Pretty impressive.

He looked like old Melo to me. In fact, he looked more revived, more energetic than I saw him all of last year. And I watched a bunch of Melo games last year. I saw more activity from Carmelo. I saw him just more happiness, a general aura from him than I saw all of last year as he was stuck under Phil Jackson with the New York Knicks.

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