Shannon comments on the Titans’ decision not to sign Colin Kaepernick

Shannon gives his thoughts on the Titans' decision not to sign Colin Kaepernick.

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- I'm not surprised. Skip, how about let's do this. I'm going to give the Tennessee Titans the benefit of the doubt. Let's just say for the sake of argument that Marcus Mariota is out for one to two weeks. It would be a waste of their time to bring Colin Kaepernick in as the third quarterback, considering that Matt Cassel is on their roster.

They should have brought Colin Kaepernick in before instead of signing Matt Cassel to an extension. Because wouldn't you say-- let me see. I know a guy that's not employed currently that was Marcus Mariota in the NFL before he was. You really wouldn't have to change anything because here is the narrative--

Skip, if you bring Kap in, you've got to have two offenses. You know you've got to have one for your starter-- that's the drop back quarterback-- and then you've got to have a special offense suited to his skill set. Wouldn't you say Marcus Mariota in Colin Kaepernick's skill set is very, very similar-- more so than Marcus and Matt Cassel?

SKIP BAYLESS: I would say.

- So what you should have done is brought Colin Kaepernick in and make him the back up to Mariota, and then bump Cassel down to the third guy. Skip, I just don't get it. It's become abundantly clear to me that these owners, while they tell you they care about winning and the NFL is a talent based business-- We know that what Colin Kaepernick did 14 months ago has a lot to do with why he's not signed, and for the mere fact it's still continued to happen.

So there are pockets-- not as much as it once were-- but there are pockets of guys that are still kneeling, they're still sitting, they're still raising their fists. So these owners are constantly reminded of what Colin Kaepernick started 14 months ago.

And what they're trying to send to him and all the others that might think somewhere along the line they find a cause deemed worthy of they want to take a knee or raise a fist for-- Did you see what happened to Colin Kaepernick? Now if you want that to happen to you, you take your butt on out there and you take a knee during the anthem, or you raise your fist, or you take a seat, this is what's going to happen to you.

Skip, they said they kicked the tires. They signed Brandon Weeden, so obviously he's was one of the guys they kicked the tire. Matt Barkley, Matt McGloin-- You know, they have a combined 56 touchdowns, 67 Int. Colin Kaepernick had the second best interception rate to pass.

Skip, you know who he's behind? He has second. You know who has the number one? Aaron Rodgers. He has the fifth best touchdown to interception ratio in NFL history. Now they've been playing football since 1920. Colin Kaepernick has the best touchdown to interception ratio, fifth overall.

There are a couple of guys that's currently playing like Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers-- maybe you've heard of him, and this guy Derek Carr. But those are some of the guys that he's behind. Fifth best, all the quarterbacks that's played-- touchdown to interception ratio-- Colin Kaepernick.

Now they tell you it's about winning, and they said, well you don't want that distraction. You know what I hate worse-- What do I hate more than distraction, Skip Bayless? Losing! And that's what Brandon Weeden did a lot of. Losing.

And Matt Cassel-- I've never seen a guy get more shelf life out of going 11 and 5 for Coach Belichick some almost 10 years ago, as this guy. I've seen guys that win Super Bowls-- did not get the shelf life that a Matt Cassel gets.

So if you're trying to convince me that Matt McGloin, and Barkley, and Case Keenum, and Austin Davis, and all these guys are better than Colin Kaepernick, save that. Save your breath because you might need it somewhere down the line. But there is no way you can convince me that Brandon Weeden is a better NFL quarterback than Colin Kaepernick. Neither is Matt Cassel.

And so this narrative that, well you have to run a separate offense-- You would have to run the same offense for Marcus Mariota as you did for Colin Kaepernick. And guess what, Skip? Marcus Mariota is going to get hurt again. Because what we've seen from his history is that he gets hurt a lot.


- So you're going to be-- Don't worry about. You'll travel down this road again, and I hope it doesn't. But his history says he will get hurt again, and then what?

'Cause you know Mike Mularkey is the head coach. Didn't he coach a guy in Pittsburgh named Kordell Stewart?


- So he should have some, you know, some idea or some familiarity of how to deal with these mobile quarterbacks.

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