Shannon Sharpe responds to Dan Gilbert saying he was ‘surprised’ he got racist calls about Lebron

Shannon Sharpe responds to Dan Gilbert. Should the Cavaliers owner have been all that surprised?

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SHANNON SHARPE: I'm surprised he's surprised. On May 31, there was something scribbled on LeBron James' Brentwood home gate. I guess, Mr. Gilbert, he didn't know anything about that. So let me get this right, what about that email that when LeBron took his talents to South Beach that you wrote? At the bare minimum, that's hate mail. That's at the bare--

SKIP BAYLESS: Refresh everybody's memory about that.

SHANNON SHARPE: Well he called-- he said, you self-anointed king, you're entitled, and it's going to be my-- I'm going to win a [INAUDIBLE]-- I can promise the people of Cleveland a title before you win one.

SKIP BAYLESS: Wait for a second. In that, he accused LeBron of--

SHANNON SHARPE: --of quitting.

SKIP BAYLESS: --quitting in that final playoff series against Boston before he took his talents to South Beach. Really?

SHANNON SHARPE: See, here's the things, Skip. A lot of people don't want the truth because the truth would destroy their illusions. Dan Gilbert, like a lot of wealthy white men in America, these issues do not affect them. They're not going to get discriminated against. They're not going to get brutalized by the police. So the issues that affect a lot of minorities in America does not affect them.

Therefore, it doesn't affect them, therefore, they don't believe it exists. And therein lies the problem, Skip. Because here he is. Here is a guy that's worth about $6 billion, says he did not know an element of this type of racism existed in America.

Remember, I told you, he doesn't want the truth because it will destroy the illusion. See, the illusion is for a lot of men in America, that racism does not exist. And to them, being on the receiving end of it, they're absolutely correct. But in everyday society we know that it does exist. Plus the fact, the guy that LeBron James called a bum, Dan Gilbert supported. So Dan Gilbert does not want to think the guy that I supported, that had been one of-- I think is fairly safe to say.

I go back. I remember when Jimmy Carter got elected. And the only reason he got elected because Gerald Ford, President Ford pardoned Richard Nixon. Had he not pardoned Nixon, I feel-- President Nixon-- I feel very comfortable in saying he probably would have won that election. But that's not-- so I go back that far.

It's hard for me to believe there's been a more divisive president in American history than what the president that's occupying the Oval Office currently. And not that racism did not exist before President Trump got in office nor will it be exempt once he leaves, but what he's done is that he's driven a wedge even more between the two. And he's made it OK.

Because some of the things that he'll say, some of the things that he'll tweet-- if I'm a person-- say, hold on. Because I remember when the president was the most respected office in the land. And that was an honor. So you're like, well, hold, the president said this. Took it at his word, go, face value. But with some of the things that this president will say, some of the things that he will tweet, well if he says that, it's got to be OK with me. Because he is held to a higher standard. If he is held to the highest standard and it's OK for him, oh, shoot, me? I should be able to say whatever I want to say.

I disagree with LeBron. I would not have called him that. I would not-- because I still-- I still respect the office of the presidency. I don't have that much-- and it's hard, Skip. And I said before, it's hard to respect a man who does not respect the office in which he holds. He has no respect for that office. He runs it just like he runs every-- his day-to-day life, his day-to-day Trump Organization.

But for Dan Gilbert to be so disingenuous to say-- so let me get this. I'm going to-- before I turn it over to you, Skip-- so let me get this right. So when Brian finally left, you didn't hear nothing. Ain't nobody say, that uppity you-know-what? All that-- all that money you paid him, Dan Gilbert, I told you that N would-- and for you, Dan Gilbert, if you wrote that email and it got released publicly, I'd be a fool. As my grandmother would say, boy you'll be a D fool if I don't think you said worse privately.


SHANNON SHARPE: So Dan Gilbert, stop. You need to stop playing. You and I both know there's that element of racism that exists. It's become more prevalent. The president that's occupying this office has made it OK. He's made it OK to be outwardly, openly, and blatantly.

So don't do this, Dan. Don't insult my intelligence. Don't insult LeBron's intelligence. Just, hey, it happened. You wanted to share to everybody. You should have shared some of those ones that came in when he left. But you didn't want to say that because, guess what, you might have been cosigning it. Yeah, you right, that uppity you-know-what.