Skip on LaVar Ball pulling LaMelo out of high school: This is a recipe for disaster

Is LaVar Ball making a big mistake? Skip Bayless reacts to the news.

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- I got to tell you, this is a recipe for disaster. I don't know, because has there ever been a more nationally famous sophomore in high school than LaMelo? I don't think so. Just because of the media age, social media age we live in. I mean, I didn't know LeBron when he was a sophomore. I might have heard about him when he was a junior, but definitely I was watching him on TV when he was a senior.

- Correct.

- But this is a sophomore. And this is a kid who on his 16th birthday, was given by his parents, a Lamborghini. Happens here in Beverly Hills all the time, but still. You want to talk about potentially being spoiled? I mean, this is like all time all time, because what are the messages that dad has sent to youngest son? If we don't like that referee, we're leaving, we're out.

- And you pull him off the court.

- Out, we're taking our basketball, we're going home, right? And now he's sent the message to his son, if I don't like that coach, you're out. We're just going to go home. You can't play there anymore. They can't have you anymore. And I'm fine with the home school, that's fine. I'm fine with the home training that he's going to get.

His father was a personal trainer before he got discovered nationally. Like that's what he did for a living. And I think he really knows what he's doing with those kids' young bodies to get them right. But help me out here, there's no substitute for competition even at the high school level, where the game's on the line.

- Right.

- Got to take the last shot, it's the championship, it's the playoffs, whatever it is. You can't get that going into the hood and saying let's play a game, because you're not going to feel that kind of pressure and tension.