Shannon analyzes how Dwyane Wade gives the Cavaliers a new dimension

Shannon Sharpe discusses LeBron's happiness with Wade joining the team and how it makes Cleveland a deeper team.

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- Yeah, Skip. You have been to a class. Walk in there, first day of school, you look around. I did that a lot of times. Like, what you doing in my class? You ain't supposed to be in here.

- They weren't smart enough?

- No. You know, back then when I was coming up, they used to have A group, B group, C group. You know, they cut that out. It makes kids feel, you know make these kids feel bad about themselves. Should have felt bad about them grades, that's how you got in that classroom, but that's neither here nor there.

This is going to be good for LeBron. He's going to have some fun. It's nice to have people that, you know, respect. You know that you can count on them in the clutch. He's not getting the 2010, when he first went to Miami, D-Wade. He understands that. D-Wade is not going to practice every day. He played 60 games last year.

He'll probably play somewhere around that this year. Somewhere between 25 and 30 minutes. That's where he is. But for the money that they paid to get him, and the caliber or player that he is, he can help. And so guess what that means, Skip? LeBron is not going to not one, not two, not three, not four not five--

- That's enough.

- Not six.

- That's enough.

- He going to eight straight Finals Saturday, they'll see the Warriors again. And this time the outcome is going to be different.

- They give our rings for making it to the Finals?

- No.

- We got three for waiting, and we got a ring for NBA MVP. So we got six rings. Each time we win the finals MVP, we get a ring for that, too. [INAUDIBLE].

- How many times loss has LeBron lost the Finals? Just to refresh.

- Four.

- Four times?

- Yeah.