Greg Jennings: ‘When you let Aaron Rodgers have control, what comes out is greatness’

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Greg Jennings tells Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless that teams cannot leave the window open for Aaron Rodgers to take over a game like he did in the Green Bay Packers' epic overtime win over Andy Dalton and the Cincinnati Bengals.

- Greg, how impressive was Rogers yesterday?

- Impressive with the capital I and an exclamation point at the end.

- All caps? Di we do it all caps?

- You don't even have to put all caps because it was only a week three game.

- Comma.

- You can not let Aaron Rodgers have the ball last. You cannot do it. You cannot do it. When you allow Aaron Rodgers to have control with obstacles in front of him, weighted down on him, what comes out is greatness. Like, that is all caps. We saw it in Dallas. You cannot give him an opportunity--

- Remember that Skip?

- In the playoffs--

A number two field goals.

- Stop it!

- Mason Crosby-- Mason Cross-bar, as you call him.

- 56 and 51.

- You can not allow him an opportunity to take advantage or take over the game. And what I mean by that is, if you have a chance to shut the door on him, you better shut it. Because if it's any seam, any open door, open crack-- he's going to bust the door wide open. And that's what happened yesterday.

- There was no crack. Andy Dalton left the door wide open, told him to come on in.

- My point is, you cannot do that. It's not just Andy Dalton, the defense has to continue to play the way they played in the first half-- six sacks on Aaron. You have to keep that up. You can't let up at all.