Melo makes the Thunder a threat to the Warriors?

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Skip Bayless says that in order to challenge the Golden State Warriors, Carmelo Anthony and Paul George will have to add new facets to their game now that they are joining Russell Westbrook's Oklahoma City Thunder.

- So big picture.

SHANNON SHARPE: You like the move?

- The first thought I had on Saturday when I saw this bombshell dropped and I tweeted immediately that Carmelo Anthony and Paul George are going to have to develop new facets of their games. And that is standing and watching without pouting, because it's hard to do, man. This guy, he dominates the ball the way nobody's ever dominated the ball. And again, I predicted last year he's going to average a triple-double and I didn't think that was a bold prediction.

I just thought he would because he is relentless going after the ball on the glass. I've never seen a guard rebound harder than he does. You say he gets some good rebounds on the free throws but whatever it's still it's hard to do it, man.


- To get 10 a game.

SHANNON SHARPE: Well he did it for 82 games so--


- Let's give him some credit for that.

SKIP BAYLESS: Way to go. Congratulations, he pulled it off. But in the end, I've said this from the start, I believe that Russell Westbrook has always been a little more about starring than winning. That he prioritized being a star, enhancing his brand on and off the court than he did actually going out, setting out to win a championship.

So what was the first thing Kevin Durant said when he got to Golden State? What did he laud and applaud immediately, was they share the ball. What is Coach Pop known for? Sharing the ball. What is this team not known for? They do not share the ball. It is dominated by one Russell Westbrook. So it's going to be very interesting to me, because the pieces are there.


- If you could get the pieces to click, they could challenge Golden State. Because there are other pieces. If Steven Adams could go back to being the guy he was two years ago, I don't know what happened before--

- Before he got that big contract.

- I don't know what happened. Maybe it was the big contract. Maybe got a little softer, I don't know. Maybe it was just Russell dominating the ball.

- But still, if you think about it, those players are so much alike. They're ball dominant.

SKIP BAYLESS: Right, but remember to finish the [INAUDIBLE], Andre Roberson can play defense.


- He can bother James Harden.


- He can bother Kawhi Leonard. He can bother a lot of people.

- Well, if it's a close game, I'm going to [INAUDIBLE] him, see if he can bottle the basket.

SKIP BAYLESS: Well that's a whole 'nother issue. But now you've got this whole dynamic where how did Russell average 10 plus assists? Because he attacked two defenders almost every time down and took him to the basket and either he was going to shot it, a shooter, or get to the foul line.


- Or he was going to dump it for the two bigs now Kanter is gone by the trade. I like Enes Kanter. But they're just going to dunk it off, you lay it on the floor for them, or he's going to kick it out to spot-up shooters. Is Carmelo going to be happy being a spot-up shooter?