Shannon Sharpe on Melo to the Thunder: ‘He’s a damn good third option’

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Shannon Sharpe reveals how former New York Knick Carmelo Anthony will fit in with Russell Westbrook and Paul George on the newly restructured Oklahoma City Thunder.

- They can be real good, but he sure took a lot of shots in Indiana, didn't he, Skip? I mean, he just kept throwing that shade in it. Oh, you see what they could do in a small bargain team.

You could see what a front offense is going do when they try to reject. Whoo! They-- I, like-- good-- I mean-- I mean, what you try to say when--

- Well, you got to take shots in Indiana 'cause you're not going to get many shots next year in Oklahoma City.

- Oh, oh. Now you [INAUDIBLE].

- Yeah, thank you.

- Skip, on paper I believe they're the third best team. I would have put them-- would have put them second for the very reason that you just said. They're a three ball dominant player. The player that need-- now Paul George can play a little better off the ball than the other two can.

- I agree.

- And so we don't want to see how this dynamic work. Well, Skip, I'm thinking about trying out for the East. I can make a team in East right now. Skip, I've never seen anything like this in my life.

You've been around. You've covered the sport for 40 years. You've never seen a conference-- not the-- not the '80s East with the-- with the Sixers, and the Bucks, and the Pistons, and the Celtics. The b-- nothing was like this, Skip. Nothing.

Just think about this, Skip. They say Carmelo Anthony is the 63rd, 64th best player in the NBA. We know he's better than that. But he's your third option. That's a damn good third option to have.