Rob Ryan on Rams’ playoff chances: ‘I have faith’

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Rob Ryan reveals to Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless why he thinks the Rams' future is bright.

ROB RYAN: I'm glad you addressed that.


ROB RYAN: Not good enough play for Buffalo. But both receivers there, for the Rams, got over 100 yards. And I'm sure they got all the answers there in Buffalo but, I'm sure they do. But the one thing is, with this Rams. You know, great coaching tilts the field also, besides just great players. And an unknown fact, that Aaron Kromer is the offensive line coach. And offensive line coaches are at a premium now. People are getting killed out there in quarterback, because nobody has time to practice and all that. So you need a great offense line.

Aaron Kromer's come in here, he's put in a running game, and he's a scheme run guy. He led the league for two years in a row with Buffalo, running scheme runs that-- holding the backside with the quarterback, because of Tyrod. Well, now you see the scheme yesterday was the fly sweep. And Tavon Austin, they have to hold the backside, or he's going to run for 50 yards. So they hold the backside. Now Gurley's not taken a pounding, and he gets 113 yards rushing.

So the whole thing's working really well on offense. Wade Phillips, you mentioned he hasn't got against Tom Brady and his defense got torched last night by a team that hadn't scored. But you do have Wade Phillips. And you're going to go against Tom Brady, you're going to go against these guys. Wade's not going to flinch. He's got a lot of talent to work with. He'll get these guys playing better, as you know.

And, you know, the D line has more talent on it. They lost Waufle, the great D line coach, who gets them on a quarterback in two seconds, or he kills people. So, you know, they'll get that together. But, you know, I have faith in Wade. And I think this young coach came in.


ROB RYAN: The coach came in and hired an amazing staff, an amazing staff. And he's great for this young quarterback. So they're a team to watch. And I agree with you, Skip. I think they're going to do some things.