Bill Belichick compares J.J. Watt to Lawrence Taylor – and Skip can’t believe it

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Is JJ Watt comparable to Lawrence Taylor?

- Think about this. Right now, JJ Watt's signature play in a national TV game, a Thursday night game, was tackling a 305 pound Cincinnati center. That guy's signature play on a national game was a Monday night game against Joe Theisman.

- Joe Theisman's career.

- And it was a compound fracture of his leg in which bone comes through skin.

- Yes.

- And--

- And he knew it immediately.

- --it happened on Monday Night Football, thanks to that man.

- And plus, you know, JJ. You remember that year that he was-- I think he what, finished third in the MVP balloting? 2014? Because he had five touchdowns. He caught the ball on the offense and things like that. But Skip, man--

- No, JJ Watt is an incredible player. I think we all know he's yes quite on LT's level. But we know what Belichick's up to.

- Yeah.

- We see you, Bill.