Should the NFL have a month dedicated to social activism?

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Should the NFL use this idea? Shannon Sharpe reacts to the proposal.

- I love, I love it. Not do I like it. I love it, with passion. Because what they're saying is that the same level of support and dedication that you show National Breast Cancer Awareness month, the same level of passion, and dedication, and financial backing, and allow them to use the shield for military month, those are two very, very worthy causes. But these young men say, you know what? We've got a worthy cause that we would like for you to do a PSA. We would like for you to invest. We would like for you to allow us to use the shield and get the backing behind and not let us be on an island unto ourselves. Although you say we're a family, you say that we are a team, but when it comes to this issue, it seems to be we're not a team, that we're going solo.

Skip, I love the NFL. But the NBA, Adam Silver and Michele Roberts, the rhythm of the NFL PA, they got it right. Skip, this what they said two weeks ago. None of us operates in a vacuum. Critical issues that affect your society also impact you directly, the letter reads. Fortunately, you're not the world's greatest basketball player. You have real power to make a difference.

- Who said that?

That was the commissioner and the executive director, Michele Roberts.

- They both--

- Co-signed.

- OK, I got it.

- Yes. Skip, because here's the thing. See, what we started, what we see a little bit, is that we want athletes sell you your car, sell you a sports drink, sell you some sneakers, or maybe a car or something. But when it comes to this issue, now we want you all to just play sports. And the NBA says, no, no, no, no, no, you don't operate in a vacuum just cause you jump higher and shoot the ball from a long way.

You're not unaffected by this. We want you to be active. You see, they're saying, you keep talking about the flag, and if you read this long-- and obviously, we can't read this on air, Skip. So like you keep talking about the protests, but the protest was to draw attention to what's happening in our communities. That's what that was.

It's not about that. It's not about the flag. It's not about the anthem, or the military, or the police. Were trying to get you to engage us in what's going on in our community and how it's affecting us. So we want you to have a month dedicated, like you do breast cancer, like you do the military.

When you have that peak because-- but here's the thing though, Skip. This is what the NFL is going to have to do because the hardest thing to do is turn the cart over. They got a lot of money in it. You don't want to upset that. See, it used to be a week. But the NFL is like, hold on.

Women, they want to buy those pink shirts that the coach has on the sideline. They want that hat. They want that pink towel. They want that camouflage for military. Wait a minute. You mean to tell me if we mass produce this and not only just make it for the teams, but make it for the general public to buy?

Ah. So the NFL, they're going to do their homework. Can they make money, Skip? Because the NFL is a business. Let's just be real now. It is a great business.

And in business, you go in business to do what? To make money. The NFL logo, motto, if it makes dollars, it makes sense. C-N-T-S. Yes. N-S-E. So that's what we know.

Skip, I love this. Because you're getting guys that says, OK, NFL. You say we're family. You say we're a team. Let's partner up with this because 70% of us that represent this league on the field, they look like me. They come from communities like this.

- Yup.

- And this is a serious issue for us and we want it to be addressed. So I commend them.