Rob Parker explains why the Patriots’ win over the Saints wasn’t that impressive

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Are the New England Patriots back on track? Rob Parker explains why they may not be.

- Rob, who's the real Tom Brady?

- We know the real--

- The really good week two version? Or the not so great week one version?

- We know that Tom Brady is the week one version. That's the one we'll see more of this year. But I will say this, and Skip, hear me out, the New Orleans Saints are the General Hospital of the NFL. You go there sick, and you get well real quick. Sam Bradford, they made Tom Brady look like Sam Bradford. You want me to give you the number, Skip Bayless?

SHANNON SHARPE: Give him the number.

- All right.

SKIP BAYLESS: Oh, you got numbers?

- Sam Bradford, 27 for 32, 346, three touchdowns, no picks. Tom Brady goes there 30 for 39, 447, three touchdowns, no picks. That ain't got nothing to do with Tom Brady. It's about the Saints and their pitiful defense. And that's why Tom Brady looked like he had found the Fountain of Youth. And now here we go, I'm getting phone calls from WEEI in Boston.

- Are you?

ROB PARKER: Yeah. Come on. Come on the radio.

SKIP BAYLESS: Did you go on?

- No I didn't go on.

SHANNON SHARPE: Because nobody called him after week one.

- Because they didn't call me after week one, but they're going to call me after week two.

- Oh, OK. That's fair.

- If you're not going to call me after week one--

- That's fair.

- I'm not going to go on after week two. But Tom Brady, again, he is going to-- Tom Brady is the beneficiary of playing all these weak teams with weak defense. Especially in the AFC leagues. He got so many cupcakes, Joy, he's going to have a toothache by mid-season. Because that's all he's going to be feeding on.

- Get them, Rob. Get them.

- You know it.

- But he doesn't eat sugar.

- He's ate sometimes.

- Is that once in a while?

- Yeah, I saw him.

- But you know what I mean.

- Yeah. Absolutely.

- It's cupcakes all over the place for Tom to just go, here we go, I'm going to play the Jets, Buffalo--

- Wait a second.

- Miami.

- Miami's a cupcake?

- Yeah.

- They're all cupcakes.

- Miami key lime pie.

- So I'm not buying what I saw--


- They went to the playoffs last year.

- In week two. It was the Saints more than it was Tom Brady. And Sam Bradford is exhibit A.