Skip Bayless explains why he ‘can’t condemn’ Santana Moss for calling out RG3

Skip Bayless talks about Santana Moss' criticism of RG3 and why he wasn't out of line with his comments.

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- This story, in general, Robert's big picture story, has turned into the saddest on field story I have ever closely observed in the National Football League, the saddest.

- I want everybody to realize Robert Griffin III, who won rookie of the year and led his team to a division title in 2012-- wasn't that long ago-- is out of football. Robert Griffin III resorted just last week to having to post a video of himself making jump shots, in some YMCA gym, over five out of shape guys as if that's to say look at me now, like that's a good thing? That's a sad thing, Robert.

- Absolutely.

- Seriously?

- Yes.

- I was so embarrassed for him. It has come to that for Robert Griffin III.

Now, unlike you, I cannot condemn Santana Moss. Maybe he should have thought twice, but I can't condemn him for what he said, because he's dredging it back up to defend his own honor, because people still wonder what went so wrong after 2012? They won the division. And to Santana's credit, pre RG3, he had 4,000 yard receiving seasons, and made one Pro Bowl the year before, that Robert came.

So Santana's trying to defend his own honor here. And again, I know it's probably not worth doing, but I get where he's coming from, because it imploded, it was ugly, and it got ugly fast in 2013, as you well know.

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