Skip takes issue with LeBron’s congratulatory message to the Cleveland Indians

Why does Skip Bayless have a problem with LeBron's message? He explains to Shannon Sharpe and Joy Taylor.

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SHANNON SHARPE: Say it, I dare you.

- Joy, Shannon, I did not love this for the sake of all Cleveland sports fans because sometimes LeBron James just cannot help himself. In this case, in the middle of what felt like was going to be a heartfelt congratulations to those Cleveland Indians, LeBron just had a drop in the fact-- had to remind everyone, I know how it feels. I've won 27 in a row. So you have successfully upstaged the Indians, who have won a record 21 games in a row because you have to remind everyone, I won 27 games in a row. Did he win the 27 in a row for the Cleveland Cavaliers?


- No, no, he took his talents to South Beach. And in South Beach, he won 27 in a row with Dwyane Wade and with Chris Bosh, and it was impressive. But you know what? It's not as impressive as winning 21 baseball games in a row because sports are very different.

And in baseball, you're only-- your momentum, as they always say, is only as good as tomorrow's starting pitcher. So whoever the next day's starting pitcher is can be a problem. And the biggest problem the Indians face in the 21-game streak came in game number one because they had to deal with Chris Sale, Boston Red Sox Cy Young candidate, who leads the league in strikeouts by far over Corey Kluber. And they ran him after three innings-- Chris Sale-- so that was extremely impressive and a high degree of difficulty start to the streak.

So longtime Cleveland fans will remember that LeBron has made no bones about being a New York Yankees fan. In fact, LeBron James had the audacity in 2007 to wear his Yankees cap to a Cleveland Indians playoff game. Is that not the ultimate disrespect of your hometown home area?

SHANNON SHARPE: Were they playing the Yankees?

SKIP BAYLESS: He wore his Yankees cap.

SHANNON SHARPE: Were they playing--

SKIP BAYLESS: You can't do it. I don't care who they are playing.

SHANNON SHARPE: Were they playing--

- They could be playing the Dallas Cowboys. And by the way, he's also a Cowboy fan.

- I dislike that about him.

- Do you?

- Yep.

- Front running?

- Yep.

- Yeah, yeah. So after that, you're out. Like, you have disqualified yourself because now you just can't help yourself. You have to upstage the Indians by reminding everybody, well, I know the pressure of this is because I won-- I won 27 in a row.

And remember, I'm LeBron James because he's constantly having to post different videos to remind everybody, I'm still here. I'm still-- what is it? I don't know what it is.

SHANNON SHARPE: Strive for--

- Strive for greatness.

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