Skip believes Tom Brady knows he’s playing for his job this season

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Is Tom Brady playing to secure his job next season with the Patriots? Skip Bayless explains to Shannon Sharpe.

- I just believe that as long as he's in New England, which will be this year, I just don't see how they keep he and Jimmy Garoppolo, both will be $20-plus million quarterbacks on that roster.

- OK, and the amazing thing about that is I believe Tom Brady believes he's playing for his job this year, because he sees the handwriting on the wall. They didn't trade Jimmy G. They traded that third string guy, right?

- Yep. Yep.

- So Bill decided Jacoby Brissett, no long term answer. So I'm willing to give him up. Usually I'd say, don't trade a quarterback for a receiver.

- Or I can get me another Jacoby Brissett in the draft.

- OK, well he will. But it's clear now that he's willing to hang on to Jimmy Garoppolo, and that-- you and I agree-- next year just on salary cap alone it's going to force Jimmy Garoppolo to be the starting quarterback for the New England Patriots. I believe that they're going to have to either give Tom a parting gift and just say, we cut you so you can go pick where you want to go, or you can try-- you can trade him to wherever you want him to go. But I don't think Mr. Kraft would do that Tom Brady.