Skip says the Celtics humiliated the Cavaliers in Kyrie Irving/Isaiah Thomas deal

Who won the trade - the Cleveland Cavaliers or Boston Celtics? Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe give their thoughts.

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- But Skip, I think anything that they got, even though it's a second-round pick and it's three years away, Skip, the mere fact that they got something--

SKIP: Mmm.

- When the trade was for Isaiah, an unprotected first-round pick from the Brooklyn Nets, and Jae Crowder. The mere fact they got a second-round pick, although it's three years away, the Cavs won this trade. The Cavs won this round, game of chicken. They won the original round of chicken. Considering, Skip, Kyrie had them over the barrel. Kyrie had them the bridge, hanging by their-- hanging by the feet.

SKIP: Yeah, actually, he did.

- And he was about to drop them. And lo and behold--

SKIP: Lo and behold.

- LeBron flipped the script. Now he had Kyrie over the bridge about to drop him.

- OK. So you're telling me that the Cavs actually got better for next year without Kyrie?

- Are they-- are they a better team?

- No.

- The results are going to be the same. They're going to be Eastern Conference champions.

- Oh, OK.

- But they're not better than they were last year?

- At current time, we have-- let it play out.

- Let it play out.

- Let it play out.

- OK. So clearly, in my very objective view from across the table because I'm not close to LeBron James, the Boston Celtics won this round just the way they won the overall trade. You know, this was like adding insult to Isaiah Thomas's hip injury.


- Because this was even more embarrassing than if than if Boston had just said, we give you nothing. To-- let me get this straight now. Boston still has five first-round picks-- up to five over the next two years. Up to five over two years. And they gave up none of them to complete the Kyrie trade? They gave up a 2020 mid-second-- that's what it will be, it will be a mid-second-round pick. I mean, that's humiliation. That's rubbing your nose in it for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

- Do they-- I just want to know. Will they still be selecting players in 2020 in the second round?

SKIP: Yeah, they will.

- OK.

- But, but this is like tossing Cleveland the smallest little chicken bone, a little bare bone no meat on that bone.

SHANNON: Marrow.

- My little dog Hazel, she would love that little chicken bone. She would love it. I would be afraid for her to be chewing on it. She might swallow it and get stuck. But the point is, I don't think Cleveland's going to love a mid-second-round pick in 2020 who has, I don't know-- I'll do, I'm going to be nice about this. That pick will have a 50/50 chance of making a team. And if you suggest LeBron's going to be on that team, as LeBron heads into his 18th NBA season.

- Still get him.

- A mid-second-round pick, and you're gloating about that? You're taking my mug because of that pick?

- Yep.

- You should give me both mugs back.

- Nope

- Because you got embarrassed over this, you and your Cavaliers.

- No, Skip, because of the fact of the matter is is that gems can be found in the second round. You know, like-- like late-round picks, you know [INAUDIBLE]?

- Gems like Jim Smith or Jim Jones or who?

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