Marvin Lewis defends Vontaze Burfict – should he have?

What's behind Marvin Lewis' support for Vontaze Burfict? Rob Parker joins Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe to weigh in.

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- We're joined by Rob Parker. Welcome, Rob.

- What's happening? Good morning, everybody.

- So Rob, the Bengals have had several discipline issues during Marvin Lewis' time as head coach. How much pressure should he be under this year?

- He should be under enormous pressure. In fact, if they don't make the playoffs or win a playoff game, Marvin Lewis should be fired by the Cincinnati Bengals.

- I hate to tell you this, but that's been said like for six or seven straight years.

- You're absolutely right. And Skip, you know what-- I worked in Cincinnati. You know that. The Cincinnati Inquirer.

- How old are you, 73? You spent 20 years at the Detroit paper and 15 in Cincinnati?

- I didn't stay there 15. But I was I was the first black writer who ever covered the Red.

- Well, you're an 80-year-old journalist. You should be the first black of a lot of things.

- But when I was in Cincinnati, I always looked at both the Reds and the Bengals as being run like a mom and pop store. You know, they were just not usual.

- Family-owned.

- Right, family-owned. And none of those decisions made sense sometimes. And you would say, that's why. Because there's no corporate structure. It's just somebody making an opinion. And Marvin Lewis, for whatever reason, has been able to escape. He is the Houdini of the NFL.

And we're not really just talking about on the field, but off the field as well. They've had nothing but issues, a lot of arrests, a lot of problems there. And I don't want to say it's been out of control since Marvin Lewis took over there, but their pre-game meal consists of sodium free bread.

- I knew this was coming.

- Sodium free bacon. A mugshot, which is suitable for framing. And handcuffs, personalized. That's how bad it's been in Cincinnati. And it's so bad on the postseason for Marvin Lewis, you might as well call him the WOAT-- the worst of all time. Because he's 0-7 in the postseason. And I just can't see any other coach sticking around when you look at everything that's been there. It makes no sense. And Mike Brown, for whatever reason, he's cool with it.

- He is.

- And Marvin Lewis [INAUDIBLE].

- He's not only the owner, he's the GM. So he runs the whole show.

- So I don't get it. I just think that at some point-- and you're right-- I've said it a few times.

- You have.

- Other people have said it.

- Other people have said it.

- It makes no sense why he's still there. And if they don't get something happening-- and talking about not making the playoffs, which they didn't make last year-- they need to win a playoff game.

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