Shannon: LeBron is going to be MVP and make the Finals, while Kyrie goes nowhere

Shannon Sharpe is pretty clear on who he thinks got the better end of the deal in the Kyrie Irving/Isaiah Thomas trade.

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- I'll be honest with you, I think Isaiah Thomas might get in LeBron's way. More than you think.

- Nobody getting in LeBron's way. When that freight train comes steaming down the court ain't nobody in the way.

- We'll let him play-- Let him play point forward. He can dribble the ball up the floor. And then--

SHANNON SHARPE: What you mean, let? He's been doing that his whole career.

- OK. So what's the problem? What do you want 5-9 for?

- Because that's--

SKIP BAYLESS: You want him to be a 5-9 shooting guard?

SHANNON SHARPE: I want him to give us--

SKIP BAYLESS: You're in trouble.

- About 25 points a game. LeBron's going do the rest. LeBron's going to average 28. Probably like, 10, and 7. He's going to be the MVP. Kyrie going to do his thing. He's going to be swashbuckling, he'll be dancing. Oh my goodness. Oh my, I can hear, I can hear, Kevin Harlan and, and what's the other guy? His son-- Albert. Marv Albert. I can see them right now. Oh my! Guess what? Going nowhere. While LeBron's Of in the finals again.

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