Greg Jennings thought Brett Favre quit on the Packers in 2007 game vs. Cowboys

Greg Jennings explains why he thought Brett Favre quit on the team after an injury he sustained against the Cowboys.

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- So when you see a Ezekiel Elliott having these issues and you understand yes, am I going to miss him specifically in protection in the passing game? More than anything. He knows that.

- And the run.

- But he wants to give the other guys confidence in his team. He's not going to say--

- Not going to give you no confidence. You when the confidence sells? When you go upstairs and pick up that check.

- Look, when Brett went out, when we played Dallas we both were 10-1. Aaron came in, the first thing I did we got you. You good. Why? Because I wanted to give him confidence.

- Why'd you tell, why'd you tell the media you better, you better off, you're better?

- Look, I said-- I said that honestly, I'm going to be honest right now, I thought Brett quit on us. And he is a iron man.

- Yeah.

- I'm looking at him and he was like, I don't know his in-- the state of his injury. But it looked like, man. I mean, he-- this-- he told me, shoot up before. Like I'm thinking, I'm a rookie now, and so I didn't say it. I'm thinking, man, just shoot up. Do something. Like this is-- actually it was my second year. I'm thinking that and I'm like, you know what? Let's go Aaron. I knew right then, I could look in Brett's eyes and say, let's-- Aaron has to play.

- What did you say? What are you telling me?

- No, absolutely not. Absolutely not.

- Why not?

- Abso-- but you have to understand. They're both coming in in the same year. They both--

- You didn't give Aaron no confidence?

- They both standing in the same position. When it comes to this is what we bring to the table. We're both pretty alpha, but I'm the-- I the alph-- I'm the number one alpha man.

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