Skip: Kaepernick’s already gone down in history … he became the face and the voice of a crucial movement

Skip Bayless tells Shannon Sharpe that there's a choice Colin Kaepernick needs to make.

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- There's been a little bit of shift here because we have an ex black star Jim Brown, we have LeSean McCoy, for what it's worth we have Dak Prescott. So now it's time for Colin to make a choice, is that fair to say? Like, what are you going to do? Are you going to speak up and speak out? He considered it, as we talked about the other day, maybe I'm not going to beg for a job because nobody else had to beg for their backup quarterback jobs.

So now to the point where I'm not sure Colin's head is as far as-- listen he's already gone down in history. He's on the cover of Time magazine. He became the face and the voice, last football season, of a crucial movement, a very necessary movement in this country that came right on time, especially with the election of Donald Trump, right? The timing couldn't have been better for Colin Kaepernick.

COHOST: Right.

- So now do you want to become sort of a martyr type figure. And again, the definition of a martyr to me is a person who sacrifices something of great value for the sake of your principle. And this is the black community principle of obviously white cops shooting unarmed black men. So is that what he wants to do? I think that's what Jim's asking. What do you want to do? You need to just tell us what you want because we're here for you. That's what I think Jim's saying.

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