Skip: Conor McGregor would win a rematch vs. Floyd Mayweather … with a fair referee

Skip Bayless speaks with Shannon Sharpe and Rob Parker about why we need to see a Conor/Floyd rematch.

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- Floyd did look old in this fight as I thought he would look old. He's 40 and a half years of age. I have never in my life-- and I've watched just about every Floyd fight-- seen him have to fight so desperately because he was in huge trouble. Have you ever seen Floyd swing from the heels so wildly and miss so often-- like swing with roundhouse haymaker rights?

It just hit air. I've never seen it. He fought completely out of character, often out of control, and certainly, out of his comfort zone. And what happened in the eighth round, Rob Parker?

ROB PARKER: I saw the eighth round. I don't know if we're watching the same video.

- Conor McGregor won that eighth round. I had him ahead on points as did the Showtime scorer-- a guy who's respected, a guy [INAUDIBLE]

ROB PARKER: He was going to win that fight on points? You really believe that, Skip?

- Well, after we heard the judge's card, it was the biggest rigged fight.

- No, it wasn't rigged.

- The boxing judges are going to protect their turf and their man, Floyd Mayweather-- the cash cow of boxing and of Las Vegas. And then what happened early in the ninth round?


- Apparently, you didn't see this. But into the corner went Floyd because Conor came right out and went smack, smack, left, right, and he stung him. And Floyd retreats into the corner and here he came with a big right hand to the side-- hit him in the side.

SHANNON SHARPE: It was a low blow, Skip. You seen it.

- It was not a low blow. And if you heard the Showtime announcers, the two of them back to back they said, "that hurt Mayweather." You heard Al Bernstein, who's the highly respected boxing scribe and commentator, "that hurt Mayweather." And I jumped-- you can ask [INAUDIBLE].

I made my first noise in the fight-- finish him! He's in trouble in the corner. And what did Robert-Dirty-Byrd do?-- the referee.

ROB PARKER: Oh, Skip, stop. Dirty-Byrd?

- OK, Yeah, he goes into the corner and pulls Conor McGregor off Floyd Mayweather and makes him retreat to the middle of the ring. And he says, that was a low blow. And Al Bernstein yells-- if you grab a tape of the telecast-- that was not a low blow!

- But it was

- Because it wasn't a low blow.

- Yes, it was.

- Oh, my god.

- If you see the [INAUDIBLE]

- So Robert Byrd saved Floyd Mayweather from disaster in the corner. He was in trouble and Conor McGregor-- if allowed to-- I believe, would have finished him off in the corner. And you say, he's on Welfare because he didn't have a chance. It's Baloney. You didn't watch the fight because you thought--

ROB PARKER: I watched the fight, Skip.

- --you thought Floyd-- you thought it was going to be a farce going in, so you convinced yourself in your head this is a farce. It was not a farce. And the fools are everybody out there who thought that Conor McGregor had no chance that--


- --he could not box.

SHANNON SHARPE: I told you what was going to happen.

- How many boxing experts--

ROB PARKER: Did you see terrible foot work in that?

- Wait a second.

ROB PARKER: I was watching this thing--

- Woah, time out

ROB PARKER: --once.

- Help me out here. So many boxing experts said Conor McGregor will not be able to quote unquote, "lay a glove on Floyd Mayweather." He hit him 111 times in this fight.

- But he couldn't do any damage.

- Wait a second. Which is more than nine fighters-- previous Floyd opponents-- did in 12 rounds against Floyd. Manny Pacquiao landed 30 fewer punches against Floyd Mayweather than Conor. And you say, he doesn't belong in the ring. Baloney, he doesn't.

Would I buy a rematch? Were you not entertained? Well, you were you were on the edge of your seat because trust me, when Floyd is trapped in the corner early in the ninth round, what are you-- it's an oh-bleep moment for him because I could just see him saying, oh, my god.

- I told skip--

- Oh, my god. Oh, my god, except in language much stronger than oh my god.

- I told you what was going to happen. Now this is what Conor needs to do--

SKIP BAYLESS: Yeah, you told me Floyd was going to be in trouble in the corner in the ninth round. That's what you told me.

- OK, let's start with this point. He landed 111 punches. A knockout artist lands 111 punches on a 40-year-old that hadn't fought in two years and couldn't take him down.

- Thank you. That tells you all you need to know right there, Skip.

SKIP BAYLESS: I told you, It was the greatest fight in Floyd's career because A, he was in trouble and B, he took punishment and stood up to it.

SHANNON SHARPE: Yeah, we also said the boxing experts and pundits said, Conor wouldn't lay a glove on him because they were thinking Floyd was going to fight his fight. He was going to do the Philly Shell, he was going to roll, he was going to peekaboo. Nobody thought that Floyd would--

SKIP BAYLESS: He tried in the first four--

ROB PARKER: Would do a rope-a-dope.

- Skip,

SKIP BAYLESS: And allow him to hit him.

- He put his guard up and he walked straight for him.

SKIP BAYLESS: He tried the boxing for four rounds. Go check it out.

- Skip, he hit him with a uppercut. And Floyd walked through it.

SKIP BAYLESS: Don't you see what was happening? As Conor said after the fight, no one can beat me from distance. He's just jabbing away with his right hand and it's too long for Floyd.

SHANNON SHARPE: But Skip, that's like--

- Floyd was having trouble, man.

SHANNON SHARPE: Skip, that's like--

- He didn't completely flip the script.

SHANNON SHARPE: That's like saying, nobody can run the ball on us, but you gave up 500 yards passing and you loss. What sense does that make?

ROB PARKER: And you know what kills me is all of this talk, which is spin. Now, it's like, oh, well he lasted 10 rounds.


- Against a 40-year-old.

- Like it's a prank, exactly.

- Oh, you going to be a big man. He just going to run through.

- Oh, yeah. He lasted 10 rounds.

- How about this here--

- Oh, my god. It's unbelievable.

- Rob, how about this here? Take that 100 million and those May-knots that Floyd put on you-- you know what May-knots are? In the South, we call them may-knots. It may go down in a week. It may not. Yet Take them knots on your head--

SKIP BAYLESS: Yeah, it went down in 10 minutes. I couldn't see it in the dressing room.

- Oh, no. Oh, you saw it.

- He had a tiny mouse under one eye. Did he get cut? No, he didn't get cut. Did he get dropped? No, he didn't get dropped.

- I said-- oh, no. The referee's starting it. That's when you know your getting beat back.

- It was a quick stop because the ref's like--

- No, it wasn't.

- --oh my god, I got to stop it.

- The referee had to stop it.

- Have you ever seen a referee give his instructions pre-fight and turn sideways to one boxer and [INAUDIBLE] right at him?


- He wasn't a boxer.

- He was an amateur.


- He was an amateur and he was saying, hey, you don't know. You never been here.

- I've never seen anything so unfair in my life. We need a rematch with a fair referee.

- No rematch.

- Yes, we do.

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