Shannon ‘terribly disappointed’ following Jim Brown denouncing Colin Kaepernick

Shannon Sharpe explains to Skip Bayless why he's so disappointed in Jim Brown for criticizing Colin Kaepernick.

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- Jim Brown is one of the greatest football players in NFL history.

- He is.

- Jim Brown's social activism goes back to 19-- well 1967, what he's known for the summit. But it goes-- so it goes back 50 years. This guy that's African-American, that's a social activist, said what Colin Kaepernick doing is wrong. Now, Skip, this is what-- this is why I'm not surprised. He was very outspoken about Dr. King and his nonviolent protest because he said nonviolence is not a movement.

Dr. King thought process behind this. He says, if I'm fighting them in the manner in which they're fighting, I'm no better than they are. If I take-- if I go to the streets with sticks and bats and I'm burning down and wrecking shops, what makes me better than the people that I'm fighting against?

Skip, the cause-- here's the thing. And he says protest doesn't work. Protest absolutely worked. The March on Washington, Selma. Skip, what was that about?

The people that were marching, they were in no position to change the law or anything about policy. It was to put pressure on the people that were in place that could change the law and change policy. They were fighting for civil rights, voting rights, fair housing rights, employment.

So it did work. Frederick Douglass says, power concedes nothing without the man. Skip, do you think blacks would have progressed as far as they had if everybody just sat back and said, you know, hey.

Everything is good. We all good. Skip, if what Jim Brown is saying is true, if what Colin Kaepernick is doing in 2017 is wrong, what he did in 1967 was wrong. Because what did he do Skip? He led a protest.

Muhammad Ali, as a conscious objector, said, because of my Muslim faith, this was is unholy, is unjust, and I refuse to go.

- He did.

- Not only was he standing against the flag, because, hey, you remember the flag and the Veteran's Day-- it waves in the wind. Skip, not only did he stay-- it started an anti-war movement. And eventually, it led to us getting out of the Vietnam War.

Skip, I'm so disappointed in Jim Brown. Because let me tell you what he said in 2016. One year ago, August. He's within his rights. He's telling the truth as he sees it. I'm with Colin 100%. What happened between August 2016 and August 2017, Skip?

Now we saw this young man. He marched up, and he was in DC for something in January. Yo, you remember that Willa? Remember he went to the White House? So let me ask you a question, Skip. Maybe you can help me out.

Did they just raise the flag in 2017? Or was that flag up in 2016? Ah. Uh-huh. So I see-- see Jim had a problem with the way Dr. King approached it, because he said, Dr. King was saying, you know, give me a hand up poor black, poor black. No, Dr. King said, all I want America to do is what she said she would do on paper. That Constitution.

Skip, we know, that as once we're born, we're born equal. From that day moving forward, unless you are of that race, you're not treated equal. So Dr. King says, OK. Do what you said you was going to do on paper. Treat me equal. Give me equal opportunity. Skip.

And what happens is that people will look at Jim, who's been very socially active, and how he denounces what Colin Kaepernick did. But they won't mention what Kareem Abdul Jabbar said. They won't mention what Hank Aaron said. Kareem Abdul Jabbar is equally as important figure in American-- social history as Jim Brown is.

- Definitely.

- But here's the thing--

- So's Hank Aaron.

- But, and again. And see, this is what makes it so concerning. Jim Brown still hadn't mentioned the calls, what led to the gesture. He's still talking about the gesture. He will not mention the cause. Oh well what's this cause? What's this cause? Skip, do you-- people don't know this. And he talks about you've got to have a team.

And he keeps using the word intelligent, like Colin Kaepernick is unintelligent, like he doesn't know what he's doing. Skip, they were trying to have the march and organize the march to Washington sine 1941. That march on Washington, Dr. King gets all the credit. That march was led by Asa Philip Randolph. The guy that organized it was Bayard Rustin. Martin Luther-- Dr. King gave the speech.

So, you're not-- it was a team effort, Skip. You don't ask Tom Brady to make tackles and sack the quarterback, do you. He's the quarterback. There's a team. Just-- see, it's got to be done Jim's way. And Jim does it like this because Jim wasn't asked to be a part of this. And that kind of rubbed him the wrong way.

But I'm going to leave it at that. But Jim, I'm so disappointed in you. But I'm not surprised at you. Because I believe right now, you're doing activism for pay. I want to see you-- I want to see you denounce, in the same harsh critique in terms that you did Colin Kaepernick, I want you to stand up to that President that you say that you stand support behind, and denounce his comments about Charlottesville. And talk about how he pardoned a Sheriff that was convicted of violating people's civil rights in Arizona.

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