Shannon responds to LeSean McCoy’s claim that Kaepernick is ‘not good enough’ for distractions

Shannon Sharpe explains to Skip Bayless why what LeSean McCoy said was wrong in his opinion.

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SHANNON: The thing that I like most about freedom of speech is that we don't always have to necessarily agree with what's being said. But the person-- the individual-- is entitled to his or her opinion. And their speech is protected by the First Amendment.

I'm disappointed by LeSean's comments. He played on a team with a guy named Michael Vick. He spent 19 of 23 months in Leavenworth. Not one time did I hear LeSean McCoy mention distraction.

Michael Vick was a convicted felon upon his release. He played with a guy named Riley Cooper who uttered the atomic bomb of racial slurs at a concert. LeSean McCoy's comments were, I can't respect a guy like that. But he never mentioned distraction.

Also on his team-- and Skip, we've had the pleasure of talking to this gentleman on two occasions-- Richie Incognito. We know his story, what happened in Miami. He bounced around. He was with Miami, with St. Louis.

Skip, LeSean McCoy never mentioned distraction. He's looking at Colin Kaepernick like Colin Kaepernick abused or killed animals. He's looking at Colin Kaepernick like he's abused a woman or killed someone.

No crime was ever committed. Freedom of speech, freedom to protest. Skip, he kneeled. He wasn't out burning buildings. He wasn't doing anything crazy.

He kneeled down two minutes before the game. People are acting like he's kneeling during the game. They're getting ready to call the play, and Colin Kaepernick's on one knee. I can't run this play right yet. I need to protest.

That's not what he's doing. Skip, he also said he feels that in America that people are followers, that they hear, not what they know. Now Torrey Smith played with Colin Kaepernick for two years. Jeremy Kerley play with Colin Kaepernick last year.

They said Colin Kaepernick was not a distraction. His talent is unquestioned. The head coach, Chip Kelly, said he wasn't a distraction. It's the people that's not playing with Colin Kaepernick or didn't coach Colin Kaepernick.

So what is LeSean McCoy doing? He's being the very thing that he despised the most. He's being a follower. He's repeating what he heard. Hm.

This is what I don't get. And even the commissioner said this. He said, you know, we got a lot of guys that do a lot of things that go unnoticed. And Colin Kaepernick, we have to understand the other side of this protest. But I like to see guys doing things-- positive things in their community.

How is $800,000 in his community? Is that positive? How about getting 60,000 pounds of water and supplies to go to Somalia for the famine relief? Is that positive?

Colin Kaepernick has committed no crime. And for him-- this is what I like the best. Now if he was as good as Odell Beckham or Tom Brady-- hell, LeSean! You're not that good!

There are 1,700 guys in the NFL, Skip. Are there 1,700 Tom Bradys or Odell Beckhams? Hell no!

That's the whole point about it! We're not asking him to be that! If Colin Kaepernick was trying to get $25, $30 million, then you could say, well, he ain't no Tom Brady, he ain't no Odell Beckham if he trying to get on the roster.

See, this is what I know that a lot of people don't know. I know Kap's agent has reached out to teams about being a backup seed. This is why when people were talking, I knew-- you and I knew, as we talked about it. I was just waiting for the right time. Kap doesn't even know I know this.

His representatives have reached out to teams about being the backup. And when you reach out to teams about being a backup Joy and Skip, money is never the issue.

So this narrative that oh, he wanted $10 million, or he wouldn't accept a backup role-- that was a lie. So I know things that a lot of people don't know on both sides of the equation. This is what's so disheartening about this is because LeSean McCoy is a big name, they will lend more credence to what he's saying as opposed to what Torrey Smith, Jeremy Kerley, and Chip Kelly said, because that's the narrative that they want out there in the public.

Two guys that played with him while this was at its apex said he wasn't a distraction. And his talent should be unquestioned. Chip Kelly, who was the coach, said he was a hard worker. He came to work every day. And it wasn't a distraction.

But Pete, coaches, general managers, and players that weren't there, they're commenting. So the very thing that LeSean McCoy despised the most, which is a follower, someone that's speaking on something that they know nothing about, he became the very thing that he despised the most, which was a follower repeating what he's heard.

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