Floyd Mayweather Sr.: I’ll whoop Conor McGregor’s (expletive) myself!

Floyd Mayweather Sr. stops by the Undisputed set to talk to Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe about his son's fight with Conor McGregor.

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- It's a joke to my son, it ain't no joke to McConor.

- That's right. McConor, yeah.



- McConor McGregor.

- No, but Conor know he going to get his ass tore up.

- You think so?


- Tore him-- tear him up. Ain't no diggity, ain't no doubt, you going to soon find out what it's all about.


- And you what else happened since I saw you last?

- Yeah.

- Your son got trash talked, goaded, taunted into dropping from 10 ounce gloves to 8 ounce gloves, which was a dangerous decision by your son.

- Don't you even tell that lie. Because I'm going to tell you something right now.

- Tell it, Pops.

- Don't tell me nothing about what you heard my son say. You ain't heard that. You heard me, last time me and you talked, right here at this table, I told you-- I mean, McConor telling me about how he wanted the 8-once gloves. I told him, put on whatever kind of glove you want to put on.

- 4 ounce gloves.

- We don't care nothing about what kind of--

- You don't care. Because he can't touch your son anyway, right?

- We will--

- Thank you, sir.

- Will he not--


Would you be willing to predict he will not land a single punch in this fight?

- Man, we ain't talking about no single punch, man. If somebody done beat your ass, man, we ain't going to sit around here and talk about how many punches, man.

- Well, do you think he'll land a single punch on your son's face? On his face?

- Do I think that he will?

- Yes.

- None that'll cause no friction.

- None that'll cause no friction.


- Hold on. Hold on. Now this is what we do know for a fact. He hit Paulie Mallignaggi flush with a lead left, and Paulie still threw punches back at him.

- Oh my goodness.

- Wait, did you see Paulie's head snap back?

- But he still came forward.

- Wow.

- That's Paulie, who's a commentator.

- You understand, Connor needed 12 rounds of cardio, so do you think he's going to try to knock Paulie out? No, he needs him to go 12. They went 12--

- Man--

- --serious boxing rounds.

- Man, (SPUTTERING) that man which you talking about is a bum. I will whoop his-- I will whoop his ass myself, yeah.



- We got it.


- We set that hook. You know, when you going fishing, pop, you said that we got. Ooh! Ow! Ahh.


- You realize that Conor McGregor guy, he watches this show. So he just heard you say that.

- Good!

- Good.

- I'mma whip your ass McConor.



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