Michael Rapaport says Cleveland got better of blockbuster trade short- and long-term

Michael Rapaport joined Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe to discuss the big trade that sent Kyrie Irving to Boston.

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- Michael, what's your take on the trade.

- I think that Cleveland got the better of the trade, short term and long term.

- Cleveland? I thought you were a sports insider.

- I am an insider. I mean, Cleveland got Jae Crowder.

- Wow.

- Which is a big thing.

- That put us over the top, that's a--

- No, I'm not saying over the top. But also they got that draft pick. So I think in the long term, offensively, these guys are both very similar. Now Isaiah, obviously, has deficiencies offensively because of his size. And he has even more defensive deficiencies than Kyrie. Who is no Bruce Bowen. He ain't winning defensive player of nothing.

But I think in the long term-- listen, I was at Cleveland with a broom. So for me to give them credit means that they did it. So as far as the trade, I think that Danny Ainge, somehow or another, got fleeced. But I don't think it's by a--

- Got fleeced?

- I don't think he got robbed.

- He got a top five player.

- I love Kyrie!

- How often is a top five player available by a trade?

- Well, he's not top five, first of all.

- Yes, he is. He's the fifth best player in the NBA.

- Who's it, who's it? LeBron, Kawhi?

- No, you're going in the wrong order.

- I'm just--

- You have to start with Durant, who was the MVP of the Finals.

- OK.

- OK, and then you have to go to Kawhi Leonard, who's the best two way player in basketball.

- That's true.

- Then you go to LeBron, three.

- OK.

- I'll give you Steph. And then it's Kyrie.

- What about Russell?

- I'll take him over Russell.

- No! No way.

- I'll take him.

- No-- and I love Kyrie.

- I'm not taking him over Anthony Davis, Karl Anthony Towns.

- Who's got the best handle in basketball? Who's the best shot maker in basketball?

- Well, let me tell you something. He's got the best handle in basketball. And I-- no disrespect to Kyrie or his godfather, the great Rod Strickland, but the one thing I want to see about Kyrie is you got the best handle-- then why does it take seven, eight moves each time to break a guy? Go boom, boom. I don't want to see da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da. Eventually, the defenders going to fall down.

I love Kyrie. But in this case, I think Boston got rid of a lot of people to get the great Kyrie Irving.

- Got rid of a lot of people? They get rid of a 5'9" ball hog point guard who can't play a lick of defense, who's defensive liability.

- Like Kyrie averages 12 assists a game. You know, Kyrie has never averaged--

- Who's the closer for the Cavaliers?

- LeBron.

- Nope. You know, you've even admitted it on TV many times. Kyrie is the closer.

- How do we close something if we're not even close to begin with?

- Well, every--

- Why'd he close game three? We [INAUDIBLE] to close game three.

- Because LeBron took four of the last five shots, that's why.

- Over seven from three.

- I'm not going to say that-- I love Isaiah Thomas. And he's a closer too. He closed everything out last year. He was the fourth quarter star. And he's got-- I'm just saying in terms of the whole package, I think that Cleveland-- again, I was in Golden State with a plunger for game five, to send them right back to where they-- right back to the swamp and right back to Cleveland.

So I'm saying, I think that Cleveland got the better of them.

- So next year, Michael Rapoport, will Cleveland be better or worse than it was last year? Next year.

- Cleveland will be better.

- Better with Jae Crowder and Isaiah Thomas?

- And al the other people. They got Derrick Rose as a back-up.

- No, I'm just talking off this trade. You know?

- Yeah, I think that-- you say will they be better. I think they got better. And also the disrupter-- he's not a stopper-- but the disrupter that Boston had for LeBron was Jae Crowder. I mean, I wouldn't say he's a stopper. But I'm just saying, in terms of this trade, Cleveland got the better of them.

- He thinks that Boston will beat Cleveland to go to the Finals.

- It's not going to happen, and I want Boston to win! I want Bo-- I love seeing Cleveland lose. I love seeing LeBron miserable. I love to blame him. I love seeing it. But they're not going to beat them!

- First of all, how could you ever get more miserable with Cleveland losing when you root for the Knicks?

- Whoa, let's stay focused. Because you-- how many outs-- do you walk out of here with a body guard? Because how many outstanding bets do you have for last year's NBA Finals? Like I want to stay focused for you because I'm not even going to--

I have such a present for you at the start of the NBA season. The out frame-- like, you owe me money, you owe me meals. Like, I don't even want to talk to you about basketball. Like you owe me a lot of different things. We made like four bets on air. You don't need to reach out to me, like, yo, how can I pay out? We're in Vegas, man. Just watch your back, because I got people all over you.

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