Skip predicts Conor will knock out Floyd in 9th round

Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe give their predictions for how the Conor McGregor, Floyd Mayweather fight will play out.

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- You know, as you were speaking, that that ninth round-- it struck me that it has a nice ring to it, ninth round. What's your expression? I don't know what it means, but, born in 54, died in 63.

- Yeah.

- Ninth round, right?

- Yep.

- I have no idea what it means, but I like the sound of it.

- I do too.

- So you know what, you just convinced me that Conor McGregor is going to knock out Floyd Mayweather, Jr. In the ninth round. That's what I believe is going to happen.


- You believe that? You honestly believe that, Skip? You've got to go to church. You've got to go to church and apologize for lying on national television.

- Floyd Mayweather will effectively die in 63, as you say.


- Floyd will hit the pine in nine. I just got a gut feeling on this. What have I told you, for perspective on this? Have I not been on this for about-- how long have we talked about it, six months? Way before the fight happened-- what did I say from the start? And I have not wavered from my gut feeling. This fight is the wrong place and wrong time for Floyd at this stage and age of his career. Did I not say that from the start?

- Yep.

- It's just-- it just feels wrong for me. And I said Floyd-- on the "Undisputed" six months ago-- this is too dangerous for you. You're not going to be ready for this guy, at this stage, in this age. Did I not say that? It's just a hunch. It's just a gut feeling. And my gut feeling has been pretty right on this show over the last 14 years. What's that?

- You took your probiotic this morning?

- I take it every morning.

- That's what's wrong with your gut.

- Yeah.

- It's rumbling. You're probably hungry.

- So obviously you're way in the right on this one. I've got the hopeless underdog in this fight. Everybody who knows anything about boxing is saying, this is a joke, this is a farce, this is a clown show. Am I right?

- Yep.

- So we even had Shane Moseley sit here and say Floyd will be laughing from the opening bell, right? He'll be taunting, laughing, toying with Conor McGregor. And I have admitted to you-- and I'm going to say it one more time, that I could be picking just with my heart--

- You are.

- --over my head. Because over the years, I've tried to like Floyd. I've tried and tried to like him, and I just can't. And even you admitted, it's kind of hard to like him outside the ring. I've just concluded he's just a bad guy. So maybe my heart's getting in the way of my head. I'll admit that.

Even his fighting style, after a while I just-- I'm just out on it, because he is the greatest defensive fighter ever. And he fights the most boring fights ever. But this one can't be boring. Because you know and I know, Floyd's backed into a corner this time.

Yesterday, he guaranteed a knockout. Not a technical knockout, a KO. Right? And so Floyd's put himself in the crosshairs here, man. He's got the weight of the boxing world on his shoulders. He has to knock this man out.

And if he does-- if Floyd can knock out Conor McGregor-- which I think that's the most preposterous statement that's ever come out of Floyd's mouth-- I will be the first to sit right-- not here, we'll be back in studio, obviously, in Los Angeles. But I'll sit-in my chair on Monday, and I will eat all that crow. But I'm not going to have to, because I got a strong feeling that this is the wrong place, wrong time for Floyd.

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