‘UNDISPUTED’: Floyd Mayweather Sr. says Conor McGregor will ‘get his (expletive) whooped’

Mayweather Sr. has some strong opinions about the fight.

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- So Senior, lay it on the table. Floyd is going to knock out Conor McGregor. Lay it right there on the middle of the table.

- Look here, man. I'm going to tell you like this right here. Because I can't tell you-- because of certain things-- but certain things I don't blurt out. So I'm just going to tell you like this right here. Only thing I'm going to tell you-- only thing I'm going to tell you is-- I'm not going to tell you that Conor McGregor is going to get knocked out. But I will tell you he gonna get his ass whooped.

- That's good enough for me, Pop. And then, we gonna turn up. I'm going to turn up. We gonna turn up on their heads.

- Then we gonna turn it up, baby.

- (YELLING) Turn it up!

- It's all the up!

- So you're talking about a 12-round ass-whooping, right?

- Man, look here.

- 12 rounds?

- I'm gonna be honest with you, man. I don't think it's going to even go 12.

- Well, then you just predicted a knockout.

- You gonna make him-- he gonna quit?

- Yeah. We gonna make him quit.

- (YELLING) Gonna make him quit!

- So we're going to call it a TKO in, what, six rounds? Five rounds? Four rounds?

- Hey, hey. Hey, hey.

- Lay it out there. Come on-- courage of your convictions.

- One thing about me-- I don't just spit nothing out.

- Right.

- But hey, I'm going to tell you at the end of-- at the end of the-- at the end of this fight, Floyd Mayweather.

- 50 and 0.

- Ain't no diggity. Ain't no doubt.

- And he gonna owe you a suit.

- Oh, yeah. Yeah.

- All right. I'll bet you a suit on this.

- Yeah.

- Conor McGregor-- I'm going to lay it right in the middle of the table. Conor will knock your son out because it's the only way Conor is going to win this fight. Your son is going to underestimate what's about to hit him, both in will and skill. This guy is crazy. He's crazy.

- Who?

- McGregor.

- He's going to come at you in ways you can't even imagine.

- Man, that's Floyd likes 'em.

- That's the way he like 'em, Skip!

- Bring him on! Bring him on! That's what he likes.

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