Skip: The Ravens would be better with Colin Kaepernick starting over Joe Flacco | UNDISPUTED

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Would the Ravens be better served with Colin Kaepernick at starting QB? Skip Bayless gives his thoughts.

SKIP: Why did Colin's name even have to come up here? Did it do him good, or harm? Because to me it does him harm again, and yet, when I step back from the situation, you know how I feel about Joe "Fluke-o" as I call him, his playoff record is--

SHANNON: Impeccable.

SKIP: It's just impeccable, it's inarguable, it's not debatable. He's been sensational in the postseason. Regular season, not so much, so after he beat, barely, Colin Kaepernick in that Super Bowl, they made him the highest paid player, we just talked about Odell, Joe Flacco became the highest paid player in the National Football League. And then they extended him again in 2016 and gave him a bonus that, again, was a record bonus. For Joe "Fluke-o"? So since the Super Bowl the Ravens record is, in the regular season, 31 and 33.

Is that the highest paid quarterback in pro football? And in that time since he won that Super Bowl, Joe Flacco is 19th in completion percentage, only 17th in touchdown passes, and he's thrown the third most interceptions since he won a Super Bowl. To Eli and Philip Rivers who are one and two.

SHANNON: But, that's what we-- but Skip, you know that's who he is in the regular season.

SKIP: All right, that's who he is, but I can make a case. When I look at Colin Kaepernick's regular season records, he's better than Joe Flacco. Seriously, I'm not just saying that for effect, I really-- If you gave me a choice today, again, I can't argue with the post-season, but Kaep's been pretty great in the postseason too, right? I mean, we don't have the body work, but if I just look at regular season, Kaep's been a little better. His touchdowns, interceptions, in the regular season, Colin Kaepernick, 72 touchdowns to only 30 interceptions over his whole body of work in the regular season. Flacco, regular season, 182 touchdowns, pretty good but 117 interceptions is pretty bad.

Well, OK, so I can make a case-- You like the Ravens this year, I think they would be a little better. I would give them a little better chance to go farther with Colin Kaepernick as their quarterback than Joe Flacco, that's just me.