Noah Syndergaard cuts his legendary hair to prepare for his role in ‘Vikings’

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Noah Syndergaard was forced to trim his legendary hair in order to prepare for a role in the TV show 'Vikings'

- Well, it's some big news for New York Mets. They're not in the playoffs because they suck, they're trash. But Noah Syndergaard, also known as Thor because of his god-like, beautiful blonde hair, got a haircut. You guys know this?

- No! Don't tell me he cut that hair off.

HOST: He did. He took some Clippers to the side of his head, and he went to town. But the good news is it's not all gone. Just the side. It's like a-- it's like a super mullet, if you will, and it's all because he got a role on that show "Vikings."

HOST: Oh, yeah. Vikings, the show where it's really super violent.

HOST: Yeah. [INAUDIBLE] this show.

HOST: They blood eagle people.

HOST: Blood eagle?

HOST: What blood eagling is is they put somebody-- like somebody they don't like, right-- they put them down face first on some thing, and then they cut open the back with like, a hatchet. And then they break the ribs open, and then they take their lungs, and they put them on the ribs. And that's called a blood eagle. And if you want to get into Valhalla, you're not allowed to make a sound while they're blood eagling you, or else you don't get into Valhalla. So while you're going through the most painful way to die--

- Everything makes sense now, by the way.

- If you make a noise, you don't get into heaven.

- They have to go through the pain so you can go to Valhalla.

- Yeah.

- That's--

- Your lungs are--

- That's the whole premise of the Vikings show.

- About this blood eagling thing?

- Well, it's part of it. It's-- you know--

- Are they going to blood eagle Syndergaard?

- I don't know. We don't know what his character is going to be. But he's going to be on the show, and he says his character's name is Thor Bjornsson, and he's a bad ass.

- Oh, wait--

- So he might be doing the blood eagling. Who knows?

HOST: I hope that this works well for him. He might as well do something, because the Mets are trash.

HOST: Yep.

- And I hope he gets the blood eagle. Should I start watching this show, or--

- Oh, you should.

- Let me ask you a question-- has there ever been a black person on "Vikings?'

- Nope.

- Oh, good question. Never seen it, and I know the answer.

- Probably not. I mean, look, let's just be honest. If you're talking about Vikings, it all went down in like-- that area of the world. There's not a lot of black people there in like, the 1600s, or whenever it was.

- Right, so you're telling me that the music and the food back then was trash.

- Yeah.

- Yeah.