Is LeBron James trying to recruit Kevin Durant to join the Lakers? | TMZ SPORTS

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LeBron James was seen leaving a club with Kevin Durant in Los Angeles after the ESPYs on Wednesday.

- All right. Down the street from Jimmy Garoppolo and the porn star was LeBron James partying with Kevin Durant. And we got it on video. Now, the two of them were hanging out. It was a giant party going on in Hollywood for Uninterrupted, which is LeBron's media company. And on the way out, we saw LeBron, who was talking to Draymond Green and also hanging with Kevin Durant.

We're going to show the video real quick. And then we'll tell you why they're hanging out together. Take a look.

- Can I have you guys back up, please? Back up, please.

- Hey Brown, where you at? Right here?

MAN 1: Brown, where we at?

- Dray, take down the captain [INAUDIBLE].

- Get back.

MAN 2: That's good right there. That's good right there, guy.

- I'm going to walk.

MAN 2: That's good right there. Back up. That's good right there.

MAN 3: Where's Ramos?


MAN 4: Hey, what's up, Kevin. Looking good, man.


COMMENTATOR 1: Yeah. And so then Kevin Durant just kind of pops up there. They leave together. They didn't get in the same car. But I'm assuming, since they were walking out with the same group, that they had an after party together with him and Draymond and LeBron all together.

COMMENTATOR 2: Everybody looks like they're getting along. And of course, now that LeBron James is in Los Angeles, it makes people think that maybe he's doing a tad bit of recruiting with these guys.

- Yeah. There are conspiracy theorists out there who are going, number one, why is LeBron talking to the enemy? You can't be hanging out with the Golden State Warriors. They're your sworn enemy now. And other people, like you just said Van, who are saying, well maybe he's trying to recruit him over to the Lakers.

COMMENTATOR 3: I mean, Babcock, what do you think?

BABCOCK: Kevin Durant could be a free agent next year. We know there were all those stories about LeBron talking to KD before he signed with the Lakers. So there's some smoke there.

COMMENTATOR 4: Definitely some smoke. Here's the deal though. For me, this has less to do with him trying to get them to come over there and more to do just with the fact that all of these guys hang out and they kick it during the off season. They don't really hate each other, except a couple of them. We know that a couple of them really don't like each other.

- Wait, Van, can you tell me if this is true or not? I was told that Tristan Thompson and Draymond Green were in that same party together.

- I mean, yeah. I mean, they were there.

- They were? Together?

- They hate each other.

- Yeah. And I didn't see them partying together. I saw them separately.

- But they have like a real genuine beef with each other. They do not like each other.

- Those guys don't like each other.

- Right.

- Now we got-- if we got them, that would be almost as big of a story as the pimp known as Jimmy Garoppolo dating Kiara Mia.

But those guys don't like each other. But LeBron--

- You know what they're calling Jimmy Garoppolo now?

- What?

- What do they say?

- They're calling him Jimmy Garopp-a-ho.

- Ah!