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TMZ Sports with video of Floyd Mayweather playing at a celebrity hoops game.

- Welcome back to "TMZ Sports." Evan here with Van and Michael J. Babcock.

- What up?

- What's up?

- Floyd Mayweather did a really cool thing yesterday. He played in a celebrity basketball game in UCLA that raises money for it-- to fight--

HOST 2: And no good deed goes unpunished.

HOST 1: I said to fight charity. I meant to fight--

HOST 3: They're fighting charity?

HOST 1: To fight cancer, not to fight charity. Raising money for Teen Cancer America, which helps, you know, kids--

HOST 2: Very cool, although I will say this, though. It would be awesome if there was a charity-- a fighter [INAUDIBLE] charity.

HOST 3: Don't give money--

HOST 1: Takashi 6:9 was there. You can see the two of them hugging in the stands. That was a big moment. Floyd actually went out of his way to go dap up Takashi 6:9.

HOST 2: Yeah, I see Takashi 6:9. I see Trey [INAUDIBLE] right there. I see a lot people kind of get into it with [INAUDIBLE]

HOST 1: On the court for Floyd Mayweather, however, there were some good moments. Like right there, you can see him hitting a couple shots and some bad moments like this one right here, where he gets crossed up by R&B singer Tank. Yeah, that's Tank. I mean, Tank can-- Tank couldn't finish the play, probably because Floyd fouled him so hard.

HOST 2: He got fouled. He got fouled.

HOST 1: But he crossed Floyd up pretty good.

HOST 2: Yeah. Tank, by the way, that's a legit crossover. That's a--

HOST 3: Isn't he like the best celebrity basketball player?

HOST 2: People say he's really good. And the evidence is right that that says yes, man.

HOST 1: The most embarrassing moment for Floyd, though, was when he tried to take it to the rim and he got blocked by a Wild 'N Out mode. Brittney Elena. She is a model at Wild and Out. And when Floyd tries to go in, she stuffs him. Show that again in slow motion so the people can really see this.

You can see her right there guarding him. And then watch him. He tries to go in. She goes up, bang.

HOST 2: That's a block.

HOST 1: Stuffs him.

HOST 2: OK, look, the Brittney Elena girl, when you-- when you look at her hustle around the court, it's obvious she has some basketball skills too, man.

HOST 1: Yeah, turns out she is one of the most famous female celebrity ballers out there. In fact, there were rumors that she dated Kevin Durant back in the day. Those was never substantiated. But apparently, they spent a lot of time together.

HOST 2: So you feel like it rubbed off? Like what [INAUDIBLE]

- [INAUDIBLE] what are you talking about?

- I don't know.

- By osmosis or something like that? Like, she--

- The funny thing is, like, her college basketball past is a mystery. Like, you think a person like her who has that kind of skill [INAUDIBLE] to have an NCAA [INAUDIBLE]

- Lord. What a--

- But nobody can find her college basketball stats. So it's a mystery.

- I mean, who knows what--

- She had to have played.

- It looks like--

- She's gorgeous.

- Tell you what, it doesn't matter. You know who should be hoping that she played?

- What's that?

- Floyd, because that gives him some excuse--

- She get punked like that.

- White kid get blocked by a girl?

- Yeah. Still, by the way, still not the worst moment in celebrity basketball history. That moment still belongs to Dez Bryant. Dez Bryant, one of the most freakishly athletic people on the planet, a couple of years ago was playing in a celebrity basketball game, went up to dunk, and remember, got stuffed by the rim.

HOST 2: Yeah. I mean-- and I've seen Dez dunk. I know he can. I don't know what was going on just then.

HOST 3: Just misjudgment.

HOST 2: But he got punished. Babcock, did you just say get blocked by a girl?

HOST 3: Are you on some type of delay? I said it 20 seconds ago.

- I know, but you're making it seem like you can't get blocked by a girl.

HOST 3: No, you said that.

HOST 2: That's not what what I said.

HOST 3: You said that. You said--

HOST 2: I said-- I said-- well, I said it's going to make it better that she was actually a basketball player.

HOST 3: That she was a basketball player.

HOST 2: Right.

HOST 3: But why-- OK, if she wasn't a basketball player--

HOST 1: Then he is a world class athlete and he probably shouldn't get [INAUDIBLE].

HOST 3: Right.

HOST 2: Right. So Babcock, [INAUDIBLE] boxers right now, Mike Babcock.

- Whoops!