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TMZ Sports on Tom Brady's summer vacation.

EVAN ROSENBLUM: All right, Tom Brady's family, Gisele, the kids, everybody, his parents, they're all on vacation in Montana. They all went out to Big Sky Montana.

REPORTER: Yes, look how beautiful that is.

EVAN ROSENBLUM: It's beautiful. He saw a bear out there as part of the vacation. But part of the trip, they decided to have a family dodgeball game. They had this giant space in the home where they were staying. Everybody got some balls. His parents were there, and they started playing some dodgeball. And at first, it starts off friendly and fun, but then it turns very aggressive, and you can see the girl right there in the striped shirt, with a cannon for an arm?

REPORTER: Lord, what?

EVAN ROSENBLUM: You know who that is?

REPORTER: Who is that?

EVAN ROSENBLUM: Her name is Maya. She's Tom Brady's niece, and she's a recruit. She's going to be playing softball at UCLA, and she has an absolute rocket for an arm. Look at her. Just killing people out there.

REPORTER: That was amazing.

EVAN ROSENBLUM: But the craziest moment of all, you can see he gets a little aggressive around people, too, and you can see, Gisele tries to spike the ball on Tom Brady's head. But the craziest moment of the entire game was when Tom Brady's mother, his darling, nice mom right there in the pink kind of underhand throw the ball at Tom Brady. And then he comes back and fires at his own mother. Watch this. You can see it again in slow mo.

Here's a toss from Mom, and then the reaction of Tom Brady. Michelle, what is he doing?

REPORTER: Why is he doing that to her?

EVAN ROSENBLUM: I don't know, man.

REPORTER: She had a little cute look on her face when she threw it at--

EVAN ROSENBLUM: Who knows? Hyper kid hit her, man.l

REPORTER: I don't even think he meant to do that. I think he just had like a flashback to like Bill Belichick like in the Super Bowl.


REPORTER: He hit her so hard.

EVAN ROSENBLUM: Hypercompetitive people, man. Tom Brady, kind of the sport as they-- comes out. And you can see-- it got aggressive. You can see the whole thing on the site,

REPORTER: It was a great video, OK?