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TMZ Sports talks LaVar Ball after LeBron James announced he's joining the L.A. Lakers.

- I mean, let's face it. Everyone wants to hear LaVar Ball's thoughts on LeBron James coming to LA just as he predicted back in February.

MAN 1: We have been waiting for this moment for days. How does LaVar feel about the signing? And now, we finally know.

EVAN ROSENBLUM: Yeah. Is he jealous? Is he angry? Is he happy?

Well, guess what. He was a Big Baller Brand pop-up shop in Atlanta and TMZ-- we tracked him down. We talked to him. We asked him, straight up, how do you feel about this, man? Tell us your thoughts. And I know this is going to be tough for you, but try not to censor yourself. Try not to filter yourself. And of course, LaVar Ball delivered. So here it is without further ado-- LaVar Ball's first thoughts on LeBron to the Lakers.

MAN 2: A few months ago, you called LeBron to LA.

- I called LeBron to LA! I knew he was coming to LA, man!

MAN 2: And this week--

- Everything lined up for me!

MAN 2: And this weekend, it happened-- "LaBron."

- Didn't I tell y'all to call him "LA Bron?"

MAN 2: So what else can you, like, foresee in the future for the NBA? Because you calling a lot of things right now.

- For the NBA? Some championships for the Lakers.

MAN 2: For the Lakers.

- I'm telling y'all, man.

MAN 2: How many?

- Hey, LeBron got a four-year deal, right?

MAN 2: Yeah.

- I hope he gets four in a row. But if not, I guarantee two when all my boys is on the Lakers with him.

MAN 2: Well, you know--

- Game over!

MAN 2: --since we're talking about championships--

- Championships.

MAN 2: --a lot of people are saying it's already a wrap for the rest of the league because the Warriors just signed Boogie.

- The Warriors can sign Boogie, Prince, Michael Jordan, anybody they want. They still ain't gonna win with this team right here. Lakers with LeBron? You don't give my son the best player in the game and don't think he don't win championships!


EVAN ROSENBLUM: By the way, that was vintage LaVar Ball, isn't it.

MAN 1: That's vintage LaVar. It doesn't get any better than that.

EVAN ROSENBLUM: All right. Here's what he said. Four years of LeBron James, he's expecting four titles. He is also expecting Lonzo to be with LeBron in LA for all four of those years. And there are a lot of rumors that the Lakers could, you know, be close to being done with Lonzo Ball. Clearly, LaVar doesn't feel that way.

MAN 1: Right. We just got a look inside Lamar's mind. He doesn't think Lonzo's going to get traded for Kawhi or anybody else.

EVAN ROSENBLUM: That's right.

MAN 1: That's clear. He thinks they are better, as constituted right now. When the rest of the world thinks the NBA is over, Evan, that they should cancel the season and just give the trophy to the Warriors because they're that good.

- I love that line He said the Warriors can sign Boogie, Prince, Michael Jordan, anybody they want. They still aren't going to win with this team of the Lakers and LeBron.

- That would be a heck of a starting lineup there.

- Now, look. The Lakers, they've got some players, right? They've got, obviously, LeBron James. They've got Lonzo Ball. They've got Lance Stephenson.

MAN 1: Right. Great defender.

EVAN ROSENBLUM: They've got Rajon Rondo, who's going to, by the way, be challenging Lonzo for that starting spot, which-- there's nothing guaranteed for Lonzo right now.

- Right. Are you surprised that LaVar didn't go at--


MAN 1: Rondo? --Rajon Rondo? Right. Because like you said, he is going to be competing to take time away from his son.

EVAN ROSENBLUM: Because you don't want to start trash-talking your own team right now. I mean, it wouldn't surprise me if he did. But I think it's smart that he didn't go after Rajon Rondo. Those guys gotta coexist. They gotta live on the same team.

- Is this a first sign that LaVar is falling in line, that he's going to listen to Magic, and he's not going to say anything outlandish?

EVAN ROSENBLUM: Yeah, I think so. Because I think, if you're LaVar Ball, this is what you want, right? I mean, when Kobe was there with Shaq, Kobe wasn't the big fish. Shaq was the big fish. And then he ended up, like, helping to propel that career. Look, Kobe was great and all--

MAN 1: He was! But then Shaq left. Shaq retired.

- And then Kobe's team.

- And then Kobe was the big fish. So maybe that's what happens with Lonzo and LeBron. Once LeBron retires, then it's Lonzo's time.

- And also, it takes a lot of pressure off Lonzo's shoulders--

- Yes.

- --puts it all on LeBron's shoulders. And now, Lonzo can develop and grow and still [INAUDIBLE].

- There was no pressure, Evan, until LaVar just said they were going to win four championships.

- Yeah, I guess that's true.

- You don't give my son the best player in the game and don't think he don't win no championships!