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TMZ SPORTS talks UFC with Stipe Miocic

- I love asking people this question, especially professional fighters. The first time you got punched in the face, do you remember the first time you got hit, and what it was like, and how it affected your life?

STIPE MIOCIC: Yes, I-- thinking about that now, I was playing football when I used to live with my grandma during summer with my mom. And I remember paying football, getting an argument with a guy who literally just cocked back and punched me right in the face.

I mean you know, it didn't hurt me. It just made me cry, because I was like wow, you punched me in the face.

- How old were you?

- Like 11, 10 or 11. Probably 10. And I cried and ran back home.

- You didn't beat him up?

- No, he was bigger than me. He was a lot older than me.

INTERVIEWER: Now that you're heavyweight champion of the world, have you seen this guy?

- No, I have not, actually. I wish I knew his name. I would definitely call him out.

- If he was watching this right now, what would you say to him?

- Thank you. Thank you for making me tougher.

- Interesting. That's interesting. I remember the first time I got punched in the face, it did not-- it kind of went the same way actually, except the recovery wasn't the same. I didn't end up recovering and becoming the heavyweight champion of the world.

- Did you cry though?

- A little bit, yeah.

- Yeah, listen, I cried. And you know, listen, good for him. You know, it was probably my fault. I probably started it anyway thinking I was a tough guy, and then he just finished it.

- That's hilarious.

- DC has cried also though, right Stipe?

- That's true.

- Just kidding. Just kidding.

STIPE MIOCIC: I did not say that, on the record.

INTERVIEWER: I love Daniel Cormier.