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- James Harden beat out LeBron James last night. Can you believe that?

- Yeah, I mean, listen. It was his season. LeBron's won it a bunch of times. James Harden was the man this year.

- That's such a bunch of crap, though.

MIKE BABCOCK: We all know LeBron James is the real MVP. But James Harden won [INAUDIBLE].

SPORTSCASTER 1: I don't know how he can be the real MVP--

MIKE BABCOCK: Because he's better. And he's a more valuable player. [INAUDIBLE]

- James Harden's team was way better. He was a dominating player during the year.

- Chris Paul, Clint Capela. A bunch of other guys.

- Let's get to the party. After James Harden won the award at the--the awards were in Los Angeles. He went and he partied at The Avenue Nightclub. We got video of James inside the club partying with Meek Mill. You see Meek Mill the rapper in there. They're all hanging out together.

SPORTSCASTER 1: Yeah Meek Mill, who is free right now, even though Judge Brinkley is trying to do all kinds of crazy stuff over there.

EVAN ROSENBLUM: It's crazy, because at the time of this video was shot, Meek Mill was-- he's allowed to be in Los Angeles because he's out of jail on probation-- out of prison on probation while he appeals his case. And this morning when we came into the office, the judge rejected the appeal of the case. So he's not going to get a new case.

SPORTSCASTER 1: Not going to get a new case. Here's the thing. A lot of people hating on these two brothers. You've got Judge Brinkley hating on Meek Mill. You got you and Babcock hating on James Harden, The Beard, who deserves his MVP moment. I wonder why they don't care. It's cause they turn it up, and they're winning right now.

EVAN ROSENBLUM: Yeah, a lot of people had James Harden's back after the awards. We actually saw Chris Paul out on the street--

- Oh what does he [INAUDIBLE]?

- Well yeah, he's his teammate. He used the Rockets team. He was out.

- LeBron should've won.

- [INAUDIBLE] there's a lot of criticism. Here's what Chris Paul said about James Harden.

CAMERAMAN: What you think about Harden getting the MVP, though, Chris?

- He deserve it.

CAMERAMAN: I mean, you know, is that like, the biggest achievement of your career when you get the MVP?

- Nah, you got to win a ship.

- Yeah, he's got to win a championship now. He knows. He knows.

MIKE BABCOCK: And [INAUDIBLE] sounded like a shot. So I don't know what you're--

SPORTSCASTER 1: I mean, I don't know why Chris Paul would be taking a shot. He doesn't have an MVP or a championship.

- That's a good point.

- But Chris Paul would never be taking a shot because those guys are friends and they're teammates. And he's just saying they have bigger goals than just the MVP.

- Yeah. So here's the other thing. We saw Joel Embiid moments after that. And we said, Joel Embiid, how do you feel about the MVP award? What are your plans? You know, what are your thoughts? Here's what Joel Embiid of the 76ers told us.

CAMERAMAN: What up Joel? Yo, congratulations on the NBA live coverage.

- Thank you.

CAMERAMAN: Dude, what's the next step for you, man, since you got that now?

- MVP.

CAMERAMAN: OK. MVP? All right. When you get it, are you going to take the trophy out with you to the restaurant or what?

- Yes, I'll take it everywhere.

- Great follow up question by our TMZ camera guy.


SPORTSCASTER 1: Give it a seat.

- But dude. That's a good answer by Joel Embiid wants to win the MVP next year!

- It could happen.

MIKE BABCOCK: It could happen.


SPORTSCASTER 1: He is a ridiculously good player, man. All he's got to do is stay on the court.

MIKE BABCOCK: And if he wins it though, then, he will have won the award. But LeBron will still be the real MVP.

SPORTSCASTER 1: Man, why don't you get off LeBron, man? Let LeBron live.

EVAN ROSENBLUM: He is living. He's out at a beach house in Anguilla. Have you guys seen this? The video?

- Wait, Vin, aren't you going to Anguilla?

SPORTSCASTER 1: I'll be there on Friday.

MIKE BABCOCK: Are you staying there?

SPORTSCASTER 1: Yeah no I'm not staying there. But who knows? Maybe I'll run into you LeBron.

- Yeah no. Two non MVPs hanging out in Anguilla.