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TMZ SPORTS on Trae Young ahead of the 2018 NBA Draft.

- All right, moving on to the NBA draft that's going down on Thursday, a bunch of young guys are going to become millionaires overnight. I love-- I love professional sports drafts. I love when these guys--

- It's exciting.

- --achieve their dreams and get money. It makes me so happy. But one of the guys that's going to get paid is Trae Young.

- Yes.

SPORTSCASTER 1: Trae Young, one of the best college basketball players last year, is probably going to be a top 10 pick. Babcock, you were saying top five.

SPORTSCASTER 2: Probably, yeah, probably top five. Some people have him going number three Evan. That high.

SPORTSCASTER 1: Yeah well, here's the thing.

- He's a stud.

- He's a stud. And also, super nice guy. We saw him at LAX yesterday on his way to New York for the draft. And he stopped and he talked to our camera guy for several minutes. Could not have been nicer. One of the things that our photographer noticed was his shoes. He was wearing some special kicks that I've never noticed before in my life. Then, you noticed him immediately. Play the clip real quick.

CAMERAMAN: I like those kicks, bro.

TRAE YOUNG: Appreciate it.

CAMERAMAN: Yeah, those are sick. Yeah, whoa, the Off-White?

CAMERAMAN: Oh my god. Wow. Whoa. Those are like, one of a kind. I haven't seen those.

- Yeah.

SPORTSCASTER 2: Those are the Off-Whites, man. They're made by a company called Off-White. The designer of those shoes is a guy named Virgil Abloh. He is a gigantic name in the fashion world. He is the chief designer for Off-White. He owns the brand. He's also now the head of menswear over at Luis Vuitton.

- Big deal.

- And a dude that was given his start by one Mr. Kanye West. These shoes are insane and retail for around $700.

SPORTSCASTER 1: That's a lot of money.


SPORTSCASTER 1: Let me ask you a question.


SPORTSCASTER 1: Why doesn't he take the tags off the shoes? Why does he got the tags hanging off the shoes right there?

SPORTSCASTER 2: It's part of the shoe, Evan. You have to get with the Off-White craze or get off.

SPORTSCASTER 1: Remember back in the day, not even back in the day, it's still happening right now. You buy a hat, like, a pro-fitted hat--

SPORTSCASTER 3: Yeah, you leave it on.

SPORTSCASTER 1: --you leave the sticker on it.

SPORTSCASTER 3: You leave it on.

SPORTSCASTER 1: So that's the same thing with the shoes now? You're leaving the tags on the shoes?

SPORTSCASTER 2: You leave the-- these tags are-- it's part of the look, Evan. You don't want to take it off.

SPORTSCASTER 1: Oh no, honestly, though, honestly.

SPORTSCASTER 2: I'm being honest.

SPORTSCASTER 1: All crap aside here, you don't think it looks a little weird to have the tags hanging off the shoe?

SPORTSCASTER 2: I think if it looks weird to you, then you shouldn't have a pair of Off-Whites. Babcock, jump in here. Talk to Evan.

SPORTSCASTER 3: I would actually love to see Evan rock these. But yeah, nah.

SPORTSCASTER 2: I think everyone looks dope in the Off-Whites.

SPORTSCASTER 1: First off, I love the shoes. But first thing I would do is take the tags off of them.

- Then you would be whacked.

- And ruin the whole thing.