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Video has surfaced of former NFL lineman Brandon Albert being tased by police during an altercation at an Atlanta jewelry store.

- Welcome back TMZ Sports. Evan here with Van and Michael J Babcock.

- What's up?

- This is crazy video. This video came in of an, I guess he's a retired NFL player now. Brandon Albert, 6 foot 5, 315 pounds. Dude was a monster.

HOST 2: Former Pro Bowler, Evan.

EVAN ROSENBLUM: Former Pro Bowler.

HOST 2: Huge.

EVAN ROSENBLUM: He's a big dude.

HOST 2: Dude was a good player.

EVAN ROSENBLUM: There was an incident with him back in February where he-- cops were called on him at a jewelry store in Atlanta, because people at the jewelry store say he was bashing the wall and threatening people in the store. So cops came. When they got there, they say that Albert-- they tried to get him to just surrender.

But he didn't. He tried to get physical with police and run out the door. Yeah, I got crazy. So they hit him with the Taser. And he ripped the Taser out of him, and continued to try to scrap with police, allegedly. At least that's what was in the report. And now we have video of the incident, and it's pretty true to what the report says.

So here's the video. It starts as police try to take Brennan-- take Brandon into custody. Take a look.






- Hey, get down, bro. Get down. Get down, bro. Get down. Get down, get down.

- What did y'all do to me, man?

- Get on the ground.

EVAN ROSENBLUM: The cops put him on the ground, they put handcuffs on him. They take him into custody. He was arrested, and now he's facing assault charges. A bad situation for him. But I mean, there's a lot to unpack here. But one of the things is the fact that he was hit with a Taser, and managed to pull the prongs out, get up off the ground, and then a cop actually had a form tackle him down on the ground before they were able to take him into custody.

HOST 2: Yeah, big boy man.

HOST 3: Shows how incredibly big and strong he is.

HOST 2: Big, strong, and powerful. He was getting out of there. Didn't look like he was trying to hurt or attack the police. But seemed like he was out of it.

EVAN ROSENBLUM: I'll tell you what though, and I think Van said this earlier. When you got a big guy who as physically imposing to the police officers, and they use a Taser, it doesn't necessarily work. You get the feeling that this really could have went sideways, and in a bad direction. And thankfully, it didn't. Because you know, he's OK. And he'll deal with the legal stuff.

HOST 2: Everyone's OK, too. He's OK, the police are OK. Everyone involved in the situation got out without any injuries. But I agree. I mean, after you use a Taser, and a guy pulls the prongs out, you'd think it could go to a place where it could escalate.

HOST 3: I'm going to say something here. Look at those three police officers. Those are black guys, right?


HOST 3: And there's one white guy right here. When they came-- when they come up to the guy, and he's sitting down. They come up to Albert and he's sitting down, they say bro. Bro. Get down on the ground, bro. They do their job, they handcuff him, they detain him. They weren't scared of him.


HOST 3: They weren't scared of him. They also didn't feel like they needed to do something punitive against him, because he ran, or because he ripped the Taser out. That to me makes a point about community policing, and why we need more black officers, and why there needs to be--

HOST 2: 100% right.

HOST 3: I really look at that, and I think that's true. Because that's a situation where most of the time, if the police officer would have been scared in that situation, there's really not anyone that would be able to begrudge him being a little bit afraid.


HOST 3: It would not have been a reason for it to go tragically left, though. Not at all.

HOST 2: That's right. By the way, skin color aside, this is a big strong guy, world class athlete. This is a situation where if cops may have freaked-- I could see a situation where they overreact based on this guy's stature alone.

EVAN ROSENBLUM: Bad things happen when they're scared.

HOST 3: They shouldn't overreact.

EVAN ROSENBLUM: No, I agree. This is the perfect-- this is the ideal situation.

HOST 2: So I think it's even another reason to commend the police, in addition to the fact that they handled this well, with this being a black guy here. Also a big, strong, imposing, guy and everybody ended up unscathed. I mean, obviously Brandon has issues with the court now. He's facing criminal charges with the court. But you know, that's now for a judge to decide.