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TMZ Sports caught up with Mark Wahlberg to talk Boston Celtics head coach Brad Stevens and New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick.

EVAN ROSENBLUM: Welcome back to TMZ Sports. Evan here with Van and Michael J. Babcock. Who do you like more than Mark Wahlberg?

VAN LATHAN: No one. I mean, I love him. He's awesome.

EVAN ROSENBLUM: He's a fan. He's also a hardcore Boston guy, right? Loves Boston.

VAN LATHAN: Ah, loves Boston.


EVAN ROSENBLUM: Van, you model your whole opening of this show after him.

VAN LATHAN: Yeah, I mean, I like him. I like him. You said, who do you like more? And I think, Barack Obama. But like, I like him. I like him a lot.

EVAN ROSENBLUM: He's a nice guy.

VAN LATHAN: I love him. I love him. Oh, but wait. Shout out. There's a Wahlberger-- I didn't even realize it-- on Sunset.

EVAN ROSENBLUM: Oh really? There's a Wahlbergers by your house.

VAN LATHAN: Yes, there's a Wahlbergers.

EVAN ROSENBLUM: All over the place.

VAN LATHAN: I got to try it out there!


EVAN ROSENBLUM: All right. So he's a Boston guy. He loves Boston sports, a huge Patriots fan. Also the Boston Celtics killing it in the playoffs this year. And everyone talking about Coach Brad Stevens. We had to ask Mark Wahlberg the obvious question. Is there a comparison between Brad Stevens and Bill Belichick? And this is-- look, Mark Wahlberg didn't tell us we were stupid idiots and send us away. He actually entertained the question. Take a look.

Hey, is Brad Stevens the new Belichick of Boston?

MARK WAHLBERG: You know what? That's a very, very good comparison. Obviously, he's gotta win five championships. But you know what? Looking pretty good.

EVAN ROSENBLUM: What's it going to take for the Celtics to kind of get past the Warriors though?

MARK WAHLBERG: Woo. You know what? They got to get past LeBron first.

EVAN ROSENBLUM: Oh really? You thing there's still a chance? LeBron can pull this out?

MARK WAHLBERG: Don't count out the king, but you know what? We're looking good. We're gonna control the East for a long time.

EVAN ROSENBLUM: You know what I hate about this video? That he's right. They might. They might control the East for a very long time. The Celtics are a good team. They're a young team and they've got a good coach.

VAN LATHAN: The only team that can really come up and stop them from controlling the East in the near future is going to be the Philadelphia 76ers.

EVAN ROSENBLUM: Yeah. But I hope they develop. Because here's the thing. If you are-- if you are from Boston, you've got the Patriots and their dynasty that's been going on forever.

MICHAEL J. BABCOCK: Right, and that's on the verge of ending, though.

EVAN ROSENBLUM: Yeah. The Red Sox. They're pretty-- they're on fire right now.

VAN LATHAN: Fantastic. Yeah.

EVAN ROSENBLUM: Then you got the Celtics are hated.

VAN LATHAN: What? You hate Boston?

EVAN ROSENBLUM: No I don't hate-- you know what--

VAN LATHAN: I hate Boston.

MICHAEL J. BABCOCK: I hate Boston.

EVAN ROSENBLUM: I hate Boston sports teams. I like to root against Boston in everything.

MICHAEL J. BABCOCK: Listen, I got the--

VAN LATHAN: I'm a big Laker fan. So it's tough. But these Celtics, it's hard not to like them.

MICHAEL J. BABCOCK: And Brad Stevens is-- he has a lot of Bill Belichick in him, I'm telling you.

VAN LATHAN: I think Brad Stevens is a better coach than Bill Belichick.

EVAN ROSENBLUM: Why would you say that?

VAN LATHAN: Ah, because Brad Stevens--


VAN LATHAN: --doesn't have to use all types of alternative methods--


VAN LATHAN: --to get things accomplished. I haven't heard about the basketball being uninflated.

EVAN ROSENBLUM: Bill Belichick won five rings.

VAN LATHAN: --anything like that. Brad Stevens is pure!

MICHAEL J. BABCOCK: Brad Stevens has won like one playoff series.

VAN LATHAN: Bill Belichick is the Barry Bonds of coaching.

EVAN ROSENBLUM: I can't argue with that. I love it!