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Maurice Green joined Michael Bisping and Karyn Bryant to break down Batista's TKO victory over Parisian.

[THEME MUSIC] - Michel with an Olympic level beat down. Welcome to Tuf Talk, I'm Karyn Bryant. He is former middleweight champ, tough winner--

- Oh stop it.

- --and coach--

- Everybody knows, everybody knows who I am.

- --Michael Bisping. And next to him, let's please welcome our big winner from episode one, actually, Maurice Greene. Thank you so much for joining us Maurice.

- Oh thanks for having me.

KARYN BRYANT: It's awesome to be here-- uh, have you here. It's awesome to be here, it really is.

- Yeah, yeah.

- No, listen, great fight tonight between some heavyweights what did that look like to you sitting so close, octagon side?

- You know it's a lot of what I thought it was going to be. But I was I was very hopeful that Josh would have, you know, would be able to get his back off the fence and actually showcase his striking, you know which is very unorthodox, which probably would have confused Michel. But, you know, he closed that distance and wanted no part of it, and you know that Olympic caliber wrestler won tonight.

- Well as you mentioned the Cuban Olympic wrestler, those guys are known for being just fantastic. I'm watching that, his wrestling looked outstanding. Were the rest of the heavyweights kind of, not intimidated, but like wow this guy's gonna be tough.

- I mean after that you know I'm watching him win you know. That's a potential opponent in the semis. It's like just don't let him get his hands on you, you know? Put your hands on him, he doesn't like to get hit.


- He's not comfortable in the striking but if you close the distance you know there's-- you're gonna have a lot of work to do. So you know I talked to Justin about it you know.

MICHAEL BISPING: Best take down in the book is a left hook. That's what I thought.


- I'll take it.

- Well listen Maurice, we're glad to hear we want to talk about a lot of things, including some of the (DRINKING MOTION) that's been going on in the show. But first folks make sure you stay tuned for an exclusive sneak peek of next week's episode.


KARYN BRYANT: We're going to give you a look at the Ultimate Fighter you won't see anywhere else presented by Cerveza Modelo, the official beer of the UFC. Well he is one of a kind which is a good thing. Because that means they didn't make any more of them. He is RJ Clipper and in the troll booth, scanning social media. RJ what have you got for us?

- We trollin'! Just to set the record straight Karyn, I've been ranked as high as the seventh best late night cable sports troll in most major markets.


KARYN BRYANT: Nice, nice.


- You guys are lucky to have me around. Maurice, you've quickly become a fan favorite not just because of the shots you land on your opponents, but also the shots you take yourself. David tweets in, "We're on episode 5 and I feel like I've already seen Maurice take 20 shots." Well I'm glad you asked David, because we counted! Take a look.


- Wow its so good. I like the taste of beer, I don't care what they think.

MAN: Y'all crazy.

- I mean I'm not a bartender but its pretty damn good, I think.

- So Maurice, I counted roughly five, five and a half shots, but god knows how many beers. So I want to know, how many shots do you think you actually took throughout the entire taping of the show?

- I mean if you want to talk about the entire taping--

RJ CLIPPER: It's a lot.

- Yeah it's a lot I mean its probably too many to count. You know that's a long time in the house with a fully stocked bar, and I don't cut weight so let's say at least 40.



- That's a lot.

- I mean if you're a real man you don't count anyway.

- All right, all right.

- You're not at school.

- Speaking of real men--

- I had seven shots tonight.


- Thank you RJ.

- You know what I mean?

- We'll see him later, make sure and get your questions in using the hashtag #tuftalk. The troll booth will find you and may air your tweets on the show. But yeah, Maurice let's talk about some of the partying. Actually last week's winner got a chance to kind of let things loose. Here's a little refresher.


- I don't really drink so much but if I drink I drink a lot.

- Enjoy the drunkness.

- I'm a pretty good drinker, yes.

MAN: Get it out mama.

KARYN BRYANT: Of course Yulia is by no means the first fighter to cut loose on the show, so we want to play around of drunk or deranged. We're going to show you footage from previous seasons, you tell me if they are drunk or deranged. Michael you get to play along as well. So here we go.

This was from season 10, a rampage of course destroyed the door. Drunk or deranged?

- Well, I mean, its not the ultimate fighter if you don't smash a door, and it does make you a little deranged being on the show. Deranged.

KARYN BRYANT: Yeah, all right. All right, season seven Jesse Taylor breaks a limo window. Drunk or deranged?

- Is this me?

KARYN BRYANT: Both of you can play.

- That's gonna be drunk. Yeah that's definitely-- [INAUDIBLE]

- Well I say both because he is deranged, but he was definitely drunk when he did this.


- Yeah, bit of an idiot.

KARYN BRYANT: All right, next one up. Season one, Chris Leben pees on a bed. Drunk or deranged?

- I mean who hasn't peed a bed before? Now may--

- He didn't pee a bed, he peed on the bed. Its different. He wasn't in the bed when he peed it. He's definitely drunk, and Chris Leben was something else, so he may be a little deranged too.


- Yeah, yeah, yeah he's drunk.

- I'm gonna side with Michael, he's a little bit of both.

KARYN BRYANT: Season 25, Cody Garbrandt grabs TJ Dillashaw's neck before a fight announcement. Drunk or deranged?

- I mean that's it--

- He's deranged. He's he is dru D

- I mean he definitely wasn't drunk, I don't want to say he's deranged, but them two hate each other.

- I mean look at the look in his eyes. Look how he's looking.

- It's crazy

KARYN BRYANT: Little bit of--

- That's a very intense real look right there.


- Very intense little man.

KARYN BRYANT: OK moving on. This last one, season 14 someone does the moonwalk--

- Look at that!

KARYN BRYANT: --on an air hockey table and takes a fall. Drunk or deranged?

- You know, I mean, it is what it is. You know, I slipped, you know I made it look good. I did it on purpose. Hey but I won $5,000. I won $5,000.

- Have you seen that clip before?

- No.

- It's-- Mike's deranged, it's deranged. You weren't drunk were you?

- I'm never drunk.

- You were trying to do the moonwalk?

- I wasn't trying to do the moonwalk. I jumped off the table and there was some water there. I slipped. You know, who hasn't slipped before?

- I mean I haven't slipped on TV before.

KARYN BRYANT: No no no no no here we go. Hey listen guys--

- Well you will.

- --With all that's going on that we couldn't forget the absolute greatest. My personal favorite from season 16 it is a little bit of both drunk and deranged. Roll the clip.

- Let me [BEEP] bang man.

- I didn't want to do that, man.

- [CRYING] Let me [BEEP] bang bro.

- I do. I do.

- Let me [BEEP] bang.

- I do.

- Just let me bang bro.

- Just let me bang bro.

- [CRYING] Just let me bang.

KARYN BRYANT: We'll let you bang man.

- I just want to bang.

KARYN BRYANT: It's the greatest. All right. Thank you for that. Back to tonight's fight though guys. Of course obviously Maurice, you trained with Josh. And we know that take down defense was going to be something that was going to be very important in there. So did he not live up to what you guys had trained or is it just that Michel was so good at that?

- I don't think, I wouldn't say that he didn't live up to what we trained you know because we put a lot of hard man hours in. Every one of our teammates does. You know sometimes it's like that somebody, he was able to close the distance is what it comes down to.

MICHAEL BISPING: Listen, I fought guys like that with incredible wrestling. They're very very tough to deal with. In my opinion, Josh did well. It showed. You know, he managed to get back to his feet a lot of times. He was moving well on the ground. What he did wrong, he just kept closing the distance and going right at him, which I admire. It's very courageous and that's what you want to see from a fighter but not the smartest thing to do against someone that wants to take you down. Right?

- Absolutely, and in Josh's case when you're very unorthodox, you spin a lot, you know keeping that range it's gonna be his best you know, it is going to be in his best interest. Just to make sure you know he could hurt Michel.

MICHAEL BISPING: So after that were you thinking wow, Michel, he's the favorite, he's going to take some beating?

- Yeah.

- Yeah Yeah it's OK you can admit that.

- What?

- It's not an attack on you I'm just you know [INAUDIBLE]

- If people see him as--

- I'm just saying when everyone watched that did they think oh wow his wrestling is out of control. He's going to be up--

- Yeah. Oh I messed that all up. No I don't think his wrestling is out of control, I think it's manageable.

- Yeah.

- It doesn't scare me. It's nothing crazy. I mean, think about it, he's an Olympic wrestler. Josh got back to his feet probably about 10 times.


- Right?


- You should at least be able to keep him on the ground right? Josh just couldn't get his back to the cage and get off, right?

- Yeah.

- But Josh got up right?


- Like 10 times, it was a lot. You know, he paid for it, you know, but you know.

KARYN BRYANT: So Maurice I want to ask you about another storyline that's been going on this season, and that is Leah who seems to really be confiding in you about her thoughts on Team Whittaker. How she doesn't really feel so great there as part of that team and how she doesn't really feel like she's getting the training that she wants there. And you really seem to be advising her to jump ship and to go to Team Gastelum. What's that about?

- No I'm not advising her to jump ship, I'm just saying if you're not getting what you need over here and you think you're a better fit over here, maybe you should be over here.

MICHAEL BISPING: You know I think that's a little shady.

KARYN BRYANT: No, I mean--

MICHAEL BISPING: It's a little shady. I mean, at the end of the day, you're all blessed to be a part of the Ultimate Fighter and you should be appreciative for the position that you are in. And the team that you're assigned. You should say you chose me so I choose you. I am Team Whittaker for life. But you're like no screw that--

- Well--

- In fact, come over to the dark side. Which I agree, by the way, you only get one shot and you're there for yourself.

- Well, I think of it this way right. I shouldn't say this--



- but I'm gonna say it anyway because I don't care. I think Whittaker's team--


KARYN BRYANT: Let him say it Michael.

- I think Whittaker's team

- Are useless.

- Picked the guys who were ready to fight who they felt they didn't have to do much with.


- I feel like Kelvin's coaching and team look at the people--

MICHAEL BISPING: Had the better ponytails.

- No. [LAUGHING] I just feel like Kelvin in the end, they took guys that were coachable, that they could you know, kind of clean up and maybe give them a little more to add to the game. Where I think Whittaker just you know from what I understand, he just didn't really want to be there so you know.

MICHAEL BISPING: You're talking about Kelvin?

KARYN BRYANT: No no no he's saying the champ didn't want to be there.

- Kelvin wanted to. Whittaker--

MICHAEL BISPING: Kelvin, Kelvin.

- Kelvin wanted to be there.

- No its Kelvin, not Calvin.


- You're trying to get me in trouble.

- I'm like who are you talking about over here? Calvin Klein?

- All right folks.

- Kelvin Klein.

- We're going to keep talking here but folks I, of course, have to let you know that Fox is your new home to Thursday night football.


We have all the great action covered by Joe Buck, Troy Aikman, Erin Andrews, and Kristina Pink. Fox Thursday night football debuts tomorrow between the Vikings and the Rams. Fox is football.