Get to know Josh Parisian | THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER

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Josh Parisian explains his road to the Octagon.

[MUSIC PLAYING] JOSH PARISIAN: My name is Josh Parisian. I'm from Howell, Michigan. I train with Scorpion Fighting System. Martial arts has definitely done a lot for me, as far as me as a person. I'm so much more confident than I was before. I'm always taking goals small steps at a time. I never would have thought that I'd be where I am now.

- Ready, set, go. This is real life situation. Grabbing on to hook [INAUDIBLE]. One way or the other. One way or the other. Circle your hip out. Out.

JOSH PARISIAN: My reasons for fighting changed over the years. I started to just wanting confidence. A belief in myself. And then I fought, and I'm, like, man. I just want to a fight. I just want to have fun in doing it. Then I made the goal to be the number one amateur in the state. And then I accomplished that. And then I became the number one professional in Michigan. Now I just think that I could be the best in the world.