Israel Adesanya talks with Megan Olivi | INTERVIEW | THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER FINALE

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Israel Adesanya talks with Megan Olivi about his fighting ability and how he is ready for Brad Tavares.

MEGAN OLIVI: Israel, another quick turnaround for you. But every time we see you in the octagon, it seems like you've learned and improved. So, what can we see from Stylebender this time around?

ISRAEL ADESANYA: This time, same as usual, always improving. I can't give too much away, but whatever he gives me I'm able to adapt and overcome it.

MEGAN OLIVI: Do you feel like people are sort of counting you out as a mixed martial artist? Because you've had so many kickboxing fights, they think you're a one-trick pony?

ISRAEL ADESANYA: Yeah, and I like them to think that, you know. Even when you have a guy like Gokhan Saki, as well, fighting on 226. You know, he's a world-renowned kickboxer.

But we're not dumb. We came here for a reason. We came here prepared, and I came here ready to face the top 10, top five.

So, I took my time and now I'm here. People will see.

MEGAN OLIVI: This is scheduled for five five-minute rounds. In terms of preparation for that cardio, did you have to do anything differently?

ISRAEL ADESANYA: Just add two more rounds. That was it.

In my last fight, that was three three-minute rounds. That was what the camp was based on. But, after the flight, I felt like I could go another two rounds.

So, now my camp is based on five five-minute rounds. I could another three after that, but, I mean, I won't need five rounds. I promise you, I won't need five rounds.

MEGAN OLIVI: What do you think is the prediction for this one?

ISRAEL ADESANYA: I'm going to smoke him. I just think he's a guy-- like you said, I've had a lot of kickboxing fights. And he can sell the blueprint like, oh, he's never faced anyone like me.

I have faced hundreds like him, in the gym and fights. And I've seen that book too many times, so it's easy to read.

And he's going to give me the same reactions. And I'm going to read it, adapt, and smoke him.

MEGAN OLIVI: Well, this is an incredible main event. Can't wait to see.

Best of luck to you, Israel. Appreciate your time.