Film Session with Tyler Diamond | EPISODE 11 | THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER

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Tyler Diamond Watches film with Daniel Cormier and his coaches to get ready for his up coming fight with Jay Cucciniello

[MUSIC PLAYING] DANIEL CORMIER: Hey, what's up, Tyler?

- What's up.

- Before the semifinals, we want to watch a little bit of Jay.

- OK.

- I think you'd match up well with him regardless, but I think it's important to kind of get an idea of what he does.

- So I'm fighting Jay Cucciniello in the semifinals. I expect it to be a tough fight. And being able to watch film with Jay and Bryce, I really needed that refresher.


Took him about 15 seconds too.

- To throw a strike.

- Throw a strike.

- But he already switched stance--

- He's been switching a lot.

- --three times, yeah.

- That's the beauty of where I train on my team, is everyone's always switching too. So it's nothing unfamiliar.

- But they're probably switching with an idea of where they're going.

TYLER DIAMOND: Yeah, they switch with a purpose. He's not switching with a purpose.

I picked up on a couple subtle things that I think I can exploit in this fight. Jay's not a volume striker. He's a one shot type of guy. He switches stances a lot, but he doesn't really do it with a purpose.

- I was telling Bryce, whenever he has switched his stance and he's in the off stance, you got to control the foot position. He does a good job of that.

TYLER DIAMOND: You got to get outside that step.

DANIEL CORMIER: Yes. He does a good job of that.

TYLER DIAMOND: Like right here, he was getting outside, which is--

- Well, he did it to Bryce over and over again. That's why Bryce couldn't really throw his jab.


That was-- hey.

TYLER DIAMOND: That was excellent right there. And look how easy the takedown was. He was level, changing striking.

- And this happens when Bryce starts to go forward, right. When Bryce is the one setting the tempo and with the initiative--

- It was easy.

DANIEL CORMIER: --can't stay with him.

TYLER DIAMOND: I think I'm going to break him. Jay's very well-rounded, as am I. But I just feel like I'm a couple notches above him everywhere. So I'm very positive and confident about this fight.

Stand up-wise, I see me getting the better of him. I see me being able to level change and landing vicious ground and pound, like I do. I'm really going after that finish. I'm going to try and break his will.


I'm just ready to seize the moment.

- I think the key is the first moments, right. The beginning, he was confident, and then Bryce took his confidence and kept his confidence.

- Absolutely.

- You got to take his confidence right away and then keep it. Don't give it back.

- 100%.

- You hear me?

- Absolutely.

- Let's go, champ.

- Hell yeah.

- Be ready.

- Absolutely I'm excited.